Celiac Disease

Why Gluten Is My Bitch

Damn you fried chicken and delicious waffle!

Celiac disease is nothing to laugh at, but guess what? I’m totally laughing at you celiac! Sure my first reaction was devastation at never making it to Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles before getting my diagnosis. And yes I pestered my GI doc post-endoscopy with questions like, “Are you sure I can’t still have cake?” and “What about cupcakes?” But I was under anesthesia, so I’m sure he thought it was cute when I then ran down a list of my favorite foods and made him answer “no” to every one of them. The point is, once I was out from under the influence I became determined to not let this gluten allergy negatively affect my love of food. It turns out some days that’s super duper easy. Other days it’s all I can do not to cry over a pile of cheeseburgers. But mostly, this blog is here to show how you, too, can still enjoy pancakes and cake without pooping it all out 15 minutes later.

Bon Appetit!

Photo via arnold iyuaki/Flickr

2 thoughts on “Why Gluten Is My Bitch

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