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LEGOLAND Is Soooo Gluten Free

Have you been looking for an amusement park experience, but are afraid you’ll starve to death in the middle of hamburgers, churros, and corn dogs? Well, have I got news for you, left-out celiac. LEGOLAND is all about the gluten-free eats, so much so they have a map showing you where you can pick up the gluten free specials on their web site, and it doesn’t even include all the gf goodies in the park! Holy buckwheat pancakes, allergy sufferers!

Exhibit A: As my kids ran for the hot dog stand, I decided I’d just have to wait until we could pry them away from the plastic park hours later in order to eat at one of the designated gf spots. So imagine my swooning when I spotted the sign in the photo above. That’s right, GLUTEN FREE BUNS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. Without stopping to consider the fact that most hot dogs aren’t gluten free*, I freaked the hell out and raced towards the first hot dog I’ve had since my diagnosis. (Also, my first hot dog since last summer at a Dodgers game, but suddenly things sound rad when you know you will never have one again.) And you know what? That bun was really not bad. Much better than the sad hamburger buns I’ve been testing out. And I sat and ate with my family at LEGOLAND which is pretty much the happiest place on earth. Yes, I’m stealing that.

I should also add that when we stumbled into the coffee shop right as you enter the park, there was an entire delicious-looking section of gluten free cookies and treats. Like, classy gluten-free. You know, the kind you go busted buying at Whole Foods. As we closed the park down, and all of us recited what our favorite part of the day was, there was no question — gluten free hot dog bun.

Oh, and this —
legoland rules!

*Are there gluten free hot dogs? I’m wondering since not only did I not have a reaction, but the server was sure to ask my husband about any other allergies I might have. He seemed overly informed and unlikely to slip me a loaded dog.

6 thoughts on “LEGOLAND Is Soooo Gluten Free

  1. There are gluten-free hot dogs, although most aren’t labelled as such. You have to look at the ingredients mostly (which is par for the course). A grocery store in Ottawa where I’m from has labelled their hot dogs as GF so we just buy from them now 🙂

  2. The only hot dogs I have ever seen have gluten in the ingredients were Nathan’s brand and as of January 2010 Nathan’s was working on transitioning to be completely gluten free as well.

    • I found out Applegate hot dogs are gluten-free! At least those are the ones I can find my local store. That’s rad your grocery store labels them. I wish they would down here.

  3. I hope LEGOLand Florida gets up to speed with this. We just went there in Nov. ’11 and had to bring our own lunches as they had no plan at that time for GF foods. Their allergen book they provided me at one of the restaurants even listed their chicken noodle soup as “glutenfree.” haha! The popcorn available from carts was fine though for snacking. They only opened in Oct of ’11 so I was not surprised that catering to allergies hadn’t yet been addressed. Hopefully next year!

  4. I went to FL legoland 12/31/12 and the gluten free accomodations were a joke. One girl yelled back to the kitchen, “Are the buns gluten free?” I told her duh, they’re not, I wanted to know if you had any. It pretty much went downhill from there. One sandwich shop said they had 1 bun. Well, both my son and I wanted to eat. Oh well. I finally had some dry baked chicken and veg with rice. I was sick the next day and for 2 weeks afterwards. My son was in tears, we basically walked arou nd the park hungry and left early. And it was his birthday. The food there isn’t very good in general and all my experiences with staff in the park is the food staff have attitudes like they are doing you a favor by even acknowledging you. This is why we go to Disney so much more.

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