Celiac Disease / Gluten Free Restaurants

God is Gluten-Free

It’s not enough that “gluten-free diet” was a hot search term on Yahoo! today (or Yahoooooooooo! as I like to call it), gluten free bizness is booming all around me, you guys!

Within the last month, not one, but two restaurants with gluten-free menus opened within two blocks of me. TWO! One specializes in random health food and the menu is clearly marked with gluten-free options. The other is a restaurant from heaven (or the SF Bay area — whatev) that just opened one location in all of Los Angeles. And it just so happens to be right around the corner from my very own house. Cafe Gratitude informed me that only one of their dishes even contains gluten, and so far I’m burning through all of the delicious options at that fab diner as fast as I can say, “I Am Grateful.”

While I will give the maker some love for making my gf life easier, I also have to let you all in on a little known secret. I’m a magical establishment-creator. In my old neighborhood of Ft. Greene, Brooklyn I said the following at various times: It would be soooo great to have a wine store/bagel shop/gourmet food shop in the neighborhood. Lo and behold all three appeared within the year. I won’t take credit for the German beer garden, but you know, I totally wanted one of those too.

Anyway! I’m seriously in love with the Cafe Gratitude. Not having to worry about grabbing a bite close to my house when I’m super burned out on cooking and/or trying to find a friendly waiter to tell me if the food is going to make me sick, is RAD. If anyone in my area has any other restaurant, boutique, or service requests just let me know. I’ll see what I can do.

Image via Mr. Kris/Flickr

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