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Rice Krispies Go Gluten-Free! Life is Crackle-y Again

I’m loving this GF band wagon that’s happening all about the food biz. Kellogg’s Rice Krispies just announced that by this summer, they will offer a lovely gluten-free version of the crispy rice cereal, that seriously, should have been gluten-free in the first place. It’s rice. Of course, as with most processed foods, there is sneaky gluten in the ingredients list, which make things like puffed rice suddenly dangerous to the celiac. Which honestly, really pissed me off when I found out.

I’ve tried the organic, gf versions from other brands just to recreate that snap, crackle, and pop, but one was so dry I literally had to drink some kind of liquid the second it hit my mouth. My throat is getting all c-acky just thinking about it. And while most of you may think, “Hey, what’s the big deal? Rice Krispies ain’t all that.” Let me tell you, they are. Oh, they are.

My love for Rice Krispies is deep. So deep, in fact, that when my mother put together our family cookbook, the lone recipe “by April” was for the delicious, delectable, Rice Krispie Treat. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Amidst the recipes that ran the gamut from deep-fried Southern (pork cake, anyway?) and modern (spinach fritatta) lay my simple directions for one of the most amazing things you’ll ever eat.

This is where I thank my mother for trying to include me, rather than simply printing “Look on the box.”

So I’m thrilled that I will now be able to pass down my treasured recipe for the treat to my own children, using the original stellar ingredient, rather than a healthy alternative. Because there shouldn’t be anything healthy about a buttery marshmallow dessert.

3 thoughts on “Rice Krispies Go Gluten-Free! Life is Crackle-y Again

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