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I Ate That: Best Gluten-Free Crackers

Welcome to “I Ate That” where I daringly shove food down my gullet in the name of science. Or rather, in the name of finding a delicious substitute for my favorite gluten-y foods. Since I like to brag about eating crackers, it’s only fitting that I kick off this taste test with that one crunchy, wheaty, item that I honest-to-god could never live without: the cracker.

As a delivery system for cheese, you can do no better than a cracker. In fact, I say, could there be any higher honor for a food stuff? Table, saltines, seeded, baked, fried, sun dried . . . I’m not discriminating. I just need me some good crackers. Luckily, the cracker game is one that gluten-free is winning. In fact, there’s one cracker I would eat even if god herself came down and told me that I could gorge on gluten and never watch what I eat again.

Glutino Table Crackers, you are the one. You are flaky, crunchy, and a perfect cheese combo. I was lucky enough to pick up a box of these tasties on my very first trip to the grocery store post-diagnosis, and it’s amazing I even tried anything else, I was so in love. But I did. In fact, here’s the spread that helped me choose the rest of the best gluten-free crackers in the land.

Because crackers need to be many things, to many people, I tested the group with a hard Irish cheddar, almond butter, CHOCOLATE almond butter (actually, that was for the kids), and the world’s best ricotta and goat cheese dip (recipe forthcoming).

Here’s what else you should be stocking your cabinets with when you have to ditch the Carr’s:

Myrna’s Skinny Crisps (seeded and plain jane)

My husband’s favorite gf cracker, Myrna’s is always in my cabinet. Well, ever since I went on a food tour with a nutritionist and she informed me that many of gluten-free substitutes were about as nutritionally valuable as eating the box they came in. Personally, I would have eaten a cardboard box after weeks without crackers, but I took her advice to try these low carb, baked, nutritionally dense crackers. I can’t believe I’m going to say this about something that’s good for me, but holy moley, delicious. In fact, one night I came home to find my husband had already finished off my package, and I actually said, “That’s MY food!!!”

Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers (sea salt)

These are also becoming my go-to brand of gf crackers. They seem to be more difficult to find, but so worth it when you crunch down on these tasty morsels.

Edward & Sons Exotic Rice Toast (jasmine and sweet onion)

I’m not crazy about the straight up rice crackers. And while I did enjoy these as a snack on their own, they’re not so hot paired with a cheese. Or perhaps I just haven’t found the perfect pairing cheese. I’m willing to search.

A note about Mary’s Gone Crackers. Everyone seems to love Mary’s Gone Crackers except for me. I tried the black pepper crackers, and maybe it was the tamari, but it tasted kind of fishy. I also tried the Sticks & Twigs, and they were not kidding. Am I missing something? If there’s a stellar MGC out there, please let me know.

So now you know which box of crackers to shove in your bag the next time you hit a cocktail party. Oh yes, I’ve done it. Oh no, I have no shame.

64 thoughts on “I Ate That: Best Gluten-Free Crackers

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  3. Thanks for the advice. I totally agree on the Mary’s gone crackers. I thought they tasted burnt and my hubbie thought the Sticks and twigs tased just like bark too!

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  7. I feel the same about Mary’s Gone Crackers! When people talk about how amazing they are, I want to know what the heck they are eating – certainly not the same ones I’m eating! They were introducing a cookie, too, and I got a sample at the gluten free expo in San Diego – I threw that away after one bite.

    As for favorite gf crackers, have you tried Schar’s Snack Crackers? They’re my fave, with Glutino being my second.

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      • They are online and in a few specialty stores along the West Coast. We’re not yet in main stream stores, we’re a wee bit too small. Like your blog, and take it easy throwing things down gullet πŸ˜‰ in the name of doing it for others!

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  10. There are no good Mary’s Gone Crackers. Glutino is very good and also makes a gf English muffin that is very good. There’s a bakery in Roswell, GA, American Gra-frutti, that makes the absolute best gf flatbread. You don’t even need the cheese or spreads – it’s that tasty. Blue Diamond just came out with an “artisan” cracker. It’s better than their regular rice crackers, which I eat all the time because they’re 2 for $4 at the grocery store, and I can’t always pay $7 for a tiny bag of gf cheese delivery platforms.

  11. I have a hard time with crackers. I do like the glutino bagel chips, they remind me of Melba toast. No one knows they are gf. I am obsessed with El’s cheddar snack mix! It is delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You forget you are a celiac eating it! Doesn’t taste fake! Has a mix of gf pretzels, chips, corn nut thingys and this incredible sesame tasting cracker thing that if I could find what it was I would buy it in bulk ( they look gross like some of the other crackers…but omg yum!)

  12. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve visited this blog before but after going through some of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m certainly happy I came across it and I’ll be
    bookmarking it and checking back often!

  13. My sister who is not celiac recommended Mary’s gone crackers to me… I was not a fan. But I like vans cheese crackers not sure about healthiness but I could eat the whole box in one sitting. They remind me of cheese it’s or nips

  14. According to your link, the Glutino crackers area loaded with soy products. Soy is really hard on thyroid, so any thyroid patients be aware. First ingredient is cornstarch. I’m wary of corn due to the high levels of pesticides. It’s also an allergen for many. Wish I could try those, but need to avoid them due to the above reasons.

    • Bummer! Soy is totally not my bitch, so I always eat these. They’re yummy. I don’t know which ones are soy, con, and gluten-free. Maybe some rice crisps?

  15. I want to try the Mary’s Gone crackers, but bc I live in a small town I’m limited to what’s in my local Walmart (bummer!)… but, I recently purchased Van’s Perfect 10 crackers and they’re AWESOME! Not to mention easy on the wallet at only $2.98 a box. I usually pair these with spinach artichoke hummus and I promise this is soooo delish!!! The first item in the ingredient list is Van’s GF whole grain blend (brown rice flour, oats, millet, quinoa and amaranth). It’s everything that a cracker should be… flavorful, crunchy, perfect diameter, no bad aftertaste, and a marvelous delivery system for cheese, hummus, or whatever your dip of choice is. Definitely give a try!!!

  16. Just wanted to put my 2-cents in! Glutino’s Table Crackers were also the first thing I tried to eat that was gluten free because I LOVE saltines. Would sit down and eat the whole box. BUT, Glutino’s are a nice second. They don’t stay fresh and not as good if not kept tightly wrapped, though. I haven’t really found any gluten-free bread or cracker that does I guess because they don’t have all those preservatives in them. I also LOVE Van’s cheese crackers. Wish they were a little thicker and a little bigger, but I’ll take what I can get!

      • Kitty is right about those Van’s crackers…every flavor is a big YUM…even without toppings. Believe it or not…I found them at WalMart. …and if you love pretzels as much as I do, best ever are the ones from Snyder’s of Hanover. They taste so much like their regular gluteny ones that I had to double check the label on the bag. Also a fight to keep sis out of them…gluten isn’t her bitch. Found the pretzels at HEB…a large chain here in Texas. Not sure if Whole Foods or WalMart have them.

  17. Just found gluten free Breton Crackers by Dare Foods. They come in two flavors: Original and Herb and Garlic. They taste incredible and the texture is just like the regular Breton Crackers (from what I can remember.) They are also peanut and tree nut free but do contain milk, soy, corn and sesame. Seriously good cracker that is light and flaky, not like your typical hard rice cracker, more like the consistency of a Ritz cracker. I’m so very happy again!

  18. I just recently discovered Absolutely Gluten Free flatbreads and crackers http://www.absolutelyglutenfreeusa.com/. Maybe it’s because the flatbreads are a tad thinner, but I taste the saltiness more with the flatbreads, and prefer them to the crackers, even though they both contain the same amount of salt. I really enjoy these flatbreads.

    The Original flavor may suit some of those who have particularly finicky digestive systems, since they don’t contain either onions, garlic, pepper, soy, or yeast, though they do contains eggs.. (Unfortunately for me, Glutino table crackers contain yeast.) They’re even certified kosher for Passover.

    Ingredients: Tapioca starch, water, potato starch, potato flour expeller pressed palm oil, natural vinegar, honey egg yolks, salts.

    That’s the whole list, straight off of the box. (Actually, the same list is on *both* boxes–the Original crackers and flatbreads are made with the same ingredients.) If those ingredients work for you, you might want to try these.

  19. I’m eating Glutino’s rounds right this moment, as I peruse your blog. I’m loving it by the way – your sense of humor is right up my alley and I’m glad to find a comrade in the battle against the bastard that is celiacs disease.

  20. As far as gluten free products go, they have come a long way since their initial offering. It should be noted flavor should be as big a factor, almost as much as ingredients. I am surprised that “Kettel Krakkers” have not been mentioned previously, since they are also Vegan and contain no soy as some do. Perhaps it is due to their relative newness. They have more flavor than any of the aforementioned.

  21. I have to say I LOVE Mary’s Gone Crackers EXCEPT for the black pepper. And the Sticks and Twigs are gawd awful!
    Thank you so much for all of the info on other options, I have been looking for something like the Myrna’s Skinny Crisps!

  22. Oh, please tell me you found the Breton Gluten Free crackers! I found them last summer on vacation and promptly went out and bought fancy mustard, a beef stick and smoked gouda cheese. And FOUR boxes of the garlic herb flavor. It also now comes in a tomato something flavor but nothing beats the garlic. Now I purchase two at a time just-in-case the apocalypse comes and I start to run out. I have a problem.

  23. Would love to try Myrna’s Skinny Crisps (I do well on a low-carb diet even after the disease left me nearly dead and weighing 73 pounds). But, at $5.99 for a 4 oz. bag, I would have to find financing to make them a regular part of my diet. Seriously… $65 for 12 small bags of crackers? Out of my price range.

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  25. Can you tell me where I can get the crackers (wheat free) that are in the new Starbucks Omega 3 Bistro Box?? They are delicious!

  26. I have found that Aldi grocery stores carry delicious Gluten Free products. Pretzels (delish), brownie mix, etc. Their stores are full of GF products and the prices are better than anywhere else!

  27. I used to eat Premium Saltines by the box when I was sick to my stomach, I couldn’t stand Ritz crackers, but that was before. I haven’t been able to find a gluten free, egg free, and now soy free comparable alternative. Glutino was my favorite brand of pretzels until they added soy to the list. Now I am sick to my stomach again, and need to eat something. Any suggestions?

  28. I have tried some if these that are in my area. They are good by my very favorite, at thus time, is Breton Herb & Garlic GF. I love my cheese, summer sausage & crackers. GF Breton plain or garlic & herb are my “go to” favorite. Yes, I also take them along wherever I go!

  29. Glutinous KNOWS. I do t like the flavored ones, but the plain originals remind me of (and this is maybe a celiac fantasy) Oliver’s Table Water Crackers β€” those giant round ones from the parents’cocktail parties of my childhood β€” I was allowed ONE. Two if VERY GOOD. Glutinous makes me feel like I’ve been very, VERY good. Their English muffin things (freezer section) are pretty good too.

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