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Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Chain Vs. High-Falutin’

Hi lovers, likers, and tolerate-ors of GIMB. So we moved last week, and in addition to the packing, unpacking, sorting, cleaning, discovering of old clothes that are suddenly new again, I’ve been sans Internet. But I’m back! And I’ve been eating. The thing is, when you move, is that you wind up dining out a … Continue reading

Celiac Disease / Gluten Free Restaurants / Uncategorized

Where Gluten Hides Out (Like the Jerk That It Is)

One of the most annoying things about having celiac, is thinking you’re kicking ass by de-glutening your pantry, cooking g-free 24/7, then you go out to eat only to be blindsided by hidden gluten. (This also applies to well-meaning friends who, naturally, are not fully clued into the evil of gluten.) So you go to … Continue reading