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Poor Celiacs Are Screwed

Just like a hoarder, I’m collecting all of my receipts to Whole Foods. Partially for tax reasons, and a little bit just to remind myself that I’ve got to cut spending elsewhere since I’m spending my entire salary on gluten-free groceries. I’ve said repeatedly, thank god I still don’t live in rural Oklahoma, and instead can take advantage of all of the gluten-free options a metropolis like LA has to offer. I should add to that thanks to the maker, and that my family can even afford the extra expense. So, thanks to Lifetime television network as well. There, I’m done being thankful.

When my buddy Jeanne Sager wrote on her blog, Inside Out, about people giving crappy food’esque products to food drives for the poor, it made me realize I had a duty, as a celiac who can even shop at places like Whole Foods, to bulk up my local food bank with some gf goodness. I can hear people snickering a little bit, because let’s face it, gluten-free eating is not always taken seriously.

However, if you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease, it’s a life or death matter. Continually eating gluten-laden foods will lead to cancer, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, and general crappiness (a medical term, you know). I’ve actually said to myself, “When the big one comes to California, I’m probably going to have to eat gluten.” Because when you’re in survival mode (god, I hope I’m never in that situation) you take what you can get. Even if it makes you seriously ill. I can stock up on gluten-free products, and hope they last through whatever mass destruction happens, but not everyone can.

As I look at the devastation in my home state, as well as Joplin, Missouri, I wonder how the celiacs are able to eat. I’m not the only one, and apparently there are other people out there donating good, g-free food to the local food banks. So the next time I’m shopping I’ll pick up some extra bags of Bob Mill’s and gluten-free Chex as well. I would hope someone would do the same for me. If not, well, I guess I’ll just have to go on a croissant and donut binge until the power at the Whole Foods is restored and the zombies have been beaten back.

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