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It’s Official, Gluten-Free is Hella’ Trendy

This Sunday morning was typical. I woke up with my daughter’s foot in my face, stumbled into the dining room where my husband was making some amazing gluten-free pancakes. Yes, he rocks. What totally blew my celiac mind, however, was the front page of the New York Times ‘Style’ section: Looking for a Plan B? Make it Gluten-Free

You guys, there are people out there who don’t have non-stop diarrhea, yet are still inspired to bake up delicious gluten-free cookies, cakes, breads, and anything else us desperate celiacs will pay for. God bless America.

Just in case you’re reading this blog (thank you) and don’t really know what all the fuss is about, let me present you with the saddest thing you’ll read today, as the NYTs explains the plight of us gluten-free types:

“Now, many more people know that gluten is a protein contained in wheat, rye and barley, and it has a crucial elastic quality that holds together the ingredients of breads, cakes, cookies, pasta and most any other baked good you care to name. Those who are allergic to gluten, or who simply have a hard time digesting it, can’t eat many desserts or dietary staples like pizza or sandwiches.”

That’s right people, I can’t have pizza and sandwiches. You may wonder why I didn’t simply hang it up when I came out of anesthesia and my GI doc told me that piece of news. But instead, I soldier on. Here at GIMB, and out in the world. Excuse me as I trek to Culver City to nom-nom on some artistanal breads at The Sensitive Baker.

Image via CafePress

7 thoughts on “It’s Official, Gluten-Free is Hella’ Trendy

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  6. Women made gluten free hella trendy. As a man with Celiac who suffered the first 45 years of his life with it and no help, women ROCK in this regard. Maybe not so taking men in their lives for everything they’re worth, and not being able to relate to men celiacs all that much. “Ahhhh c’mon, be a MAN…get overrr it” (well they don’t say that but they think it and hope it and expect it). So keep it hella trendy and keep that gf food coming. And let me go on “Dr. Phil” and shove the truth up his claptrap!!! Hahaha!!

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