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California Pizza Kitchen Goes Gluten-Free, Baby


I’ve only eaten at California Pizza Kitchen a few times, so it’s odd how excited I am that they are now serving gluten-free crust for their pizza. But you know, as CPK goes, so goes . . . In ‘N’ Out? I know, it’s a stretch. But in the meantime — I’m eating pizza this weekend. I dare anyone to stand in my way.

4 thoughts on “California Pizza Kitchen Goes Gluten-Free, Baby

  1. I’ve read that they do not prepare them for celiac patients. They use the same kitchen tools for glutenous and gluten free crusts. The opportunities for cross contamination are incredible.

    Please check with your local shop, so you can make sure you’ll be safe eating there.

  2. Yeah, unfortunately I read that they can’t guarantee the gluten-freeness due to the things you’re discussing above. My plan is to eat at my local CPK, and see what happens. Because apparently I’m a glutton for punishment . . . and simply a pizza glutton.

  3. I eat at in-n-out all the time! (Too often for my diet, in fact.) I order the flying dutchman, which is just two patties and cheese. Before I figured that out, they would get a little confused when I just ordered the patty, and I think one time they gave me a hamburger patty for like 80 cents, because they were sad I couldn’t have the bread. (Plus I dislike lettuce, so I always order it plain.) I’ve never gotten sick there.

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