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Easy & Awesome Gluten-Free Pizza I Made Myself

You know ordering out is really the best part of having pizza for dinner. Which is why I have done just a tiny bit of experimenting in making my own, and was so stoked about the whole California Pizza Kitchen g-free news. That, and I’m also too lazy to make my own bread, especially since I dissed it so badly.

But sometimes you’ve just got to see what you can do by your own self. So I made some gluten-free pizza! You know what? It wasn’t half-bad. In fact, my daughter who is suddenly refusing to eat anything gluten-free, declared it “awesome.”

Here’s what I started with, ingredients-wise: Pepperoni, mozzarella, and sauce. Simple, right? The kids were only onlookers. No children were harmed in the making of this pizza.

I decided to go straight pepperoni, because I can go all Batali on this shit once I find the perfect thin crust. This Hodgson Mill turned out pretty well, and was much easier than some other complicated pizza dough recipes I followed before, so I am sold. Big props to my MIL for bringing this into my home. That, and her son. Big props on him as well, MIL.

There were two things that this gluten-free pizza crust flour had going for it that my previous attempts did not. 1) They recommended that I use corn starch when rolling out the dough, and 2) I baked the dough solo for 10 minutes, then brushed with olive oil, and then added my ingredients. The olive oil crust really made a delicious difference.

I also wound up just spreading the whole dang thing out on a giant baking sheet, rather than making two pies as I still don’t have a pizza stone up in here. Now I’ve got pizza all week long. Hooray! That’s like, a two-foot long pizza, right?

And that’s how easy it is: Buy the box, follow instructions, add sauce, cheese, toppings. You are done, my gluten-free friends. Right after you wipe away all that grease. I mean, if that’s your thing. If you love it, please be my greasy guest.

4 thoughts on “Easy & Awesome Gluten-Free Pizza I Made Myself

    • We have it here at our Hollywood location, but I heard they were readdressing the safety issues so maybe my branch just doesn’t give a damn? Have you seen it anywhere near you?

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