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My Awesome Gluten-Free Birthday

Happy birthday to me, ya’ll! So I’m a year older, and while that’s eh, I had a super rad celebration and all the gluten-free bizness I could eat and drink. I have the coolest friends who showered me with gf goodness, and a super duper husband that threw me a taco party complete with the best gluten-free chocolate cake of all time from The Sensitive Baker. Y.U.M. It’s huge, which means I have to eat cake for every meal this week. Which is no problem, because it’s my birthday.

But the party doesn’t stop there. Look at this gluten-free bounty my buddies brought over.

Props to Tito’s Vodka, which is naturally gluten-free, yet still lets all of us celiac-types know up front: You can drink me, and you will feel good. Hooray! And the gluten-free donuts from fonuts, which my entire family devoured and kept begging me to give up the last one. But no, it’s my birthday, suckers. Then a friend brought over some of the most moist, rich, and freaking delicious gluten-free brownies. I know. I’m basically the luckiest celiac in the entire universe. Combine this with tacos, and I’m also a fat, happy, celiac.

In addition to feeling blessed with all of the gluten-free options available in Los Angeles (Side note: When did gluten-free get so crazy popular? It’s because of GIMB, right? Say yes, because it’s my birthday.), I’m feeling doubly blessed to have friends who are like, “Here’s your gluten-free grub. Enjoy.” Honestly, the coolest birthday EVER.

Now excuse me, as I have an entire cake to finish off before next year.

6 thoughts on “My Awesome Gluten-Free Birthday

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