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Gluten-Free Donuts: I Totally Ate That

I’m just going to come out and say it: Gluten-free donuts all taste like cake. Now, if you’re a lover of cake (and who isn’t, really?) this means that you can enjoy gluten-free donuts all day long and think, “Wow, that’s some good gluten-free round cake with a hole in the middle.” But if you’re a donut lover and looking for the light, airy, crispness of a normal donut in gluten-free form, my friends, I’m afraid you will be very disappointed. Disappointed while eating delicious cake, mind you, which is its own kind of incredibly satiated disappointment.

So I won’t put aside my fantasy of biting into a hot glazed one as soon as I finish my fried chicken because I just got the magic gluten vaccine just yet. We all have our dreams, and that is mine. And it’s beautiful.

There are however, many good people trying to let celiacs fake like we’re normal people, when it comes to donuts. Mad props to them, and thank you for allowing me to pretend I could eat donuts again. I love you one and all, but here are the best of the nuts and holes:

Babycakes NYC

I have to admit, I’ve tried Babycakes before and was not impressed. However, I’ve been seriously admonished by a food-loving vegan for not trying their donuts. She is a genius, and so are the salty caramel donuts from Babycakes. Jaysus, that shit is good. I don’t care if you’re vegan, gf, or a full-blown lard, carb, and wheat eater. I can’t believe I ate all of those donuts and their only location in LA is downtown where I have to pay $7 to park. This, I do not like. Their cookie crumble vanilla donut however, I do love so much I want to make out with it.


I’ve talked about Fōnuts before, because someone was kind enough of bring some of those bad boys on my birthday. Soft, delicious, and cake-like, the variety of baked and gluten-free donuts at this new shop in LA is ah-ma-zing. What’s not so amazing is they are closed on Tuesdays. That’s my donut day, people! Still, try and get them to ship you some lemon and/or banana chocolate donuts asap.


Say you don’t live in Los Angeles or New York. You can definitely attempt to talk the above into shipping you some gluten-free donuts, or you can head to your freezer section and pick up a box of pumpkin spice gluten-free donuts (available for a limited time!) from gluten-free geniuses Kinnikinnick. The tasting committee (pictured above) enjoyed the chocolate glazed donut the best. Personally, the maple glaze does it for me. Who am I kidding? They ALL do it for me. Donuts . . . mmmmmmm.

Have you found a gf donut that is light and airy as a cloud? Then why haven’t you told me about it yet????

13 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Donuts: I Totally Ate That

  1. YUM! I now want a donut after reading this! The only time I can get donuts is when we travel the 2 plus hours to the nearest big city and I go to Whole Foods and pick up boxes of Kinnikinnick donuts! The last time I did this, my hubby got into them and ate them…he’s not gf, but he liked them and I didn’t get very many! Bad hubby! I was just in the big city a few weeks back and was actually at Whole Foods and I got all the way home before I realized I had forgotten to pick up a few boxes of donuts. =( *sigh*

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  4. I am currently working on that very same issue I’ve tested a few recipes but haven’t yet been able to replicate the texture of say a Krispy Kreme. I will be sure to share with anyone who wants the recipe if I ever get it there.

  5. Has anyone had a response to the maple or since there is sugar in the gluten free doughnuts? I have had two responses of congestion and shortness of breath after eating the doughnuts on two occasions now. Which sucks, because they are actually really good.

  6. ICDC on Beverly (next to and owned by BLD) has THE MOST AMAZING GF donuts ever. They’re the closest to Krispy Kreme i’ve found so far. Their plain glazed called “buttermilk brown butter” is to DIE for! If you ask them to fry some up fresh for you they are almost always happy to oblige…wait about 3 minutes until biting into them and you’ll be floating off to GF donut heaven! The closest I’ve been to that warm glow of the “hot donuts now sign” since I found out about my celiac 7 years ago!

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