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Is This a Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookie????

Girl Scout Cookie time is exactly like Christmas. It comes once a year, you eat so much you get sick, and you wonder how you can make that beautiful yet disgusting feeling last all year ’round. And it’s also something that is potentially devastating for those of us who can’t eat the gluten. But did you see these??

I found these Mrs. Crimble’s gluten-free cookies when I was shopping at a pretty rad store, G-Free NYC on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I immediately assumed these were gluten-free Samoas and my life was now complete. Alas, they were chocolate macaroons. I say alas, because I was hoping someone was copying the whole dang line: Thin Mints, Tag-a-Longs and especially those lovely Trefoils. What I got instead was a fat chocolate macaroon which was so rich, so decadent, and so gut-expanding that I immediately forgot about my love of the Girl Scout cookie. And, apparently, that cleanse my husband and I were on. What happened to that?

This is what happened. They sell chocolate bars with quinoa, ya’ll! Which makes weeks of eating normal quinoa seem, well, silly. And of course I couldn’t not buy the gluten-free Better Batter mix for fried chicken. (You all will be the first to know when that epic-ness happens.) Uh-huh, I’m totally blaming G-Free NYC and their lovely gluten-free products for my massive fall of the wagon. That, and Austin, and this whole travelogue I’ve been on for the past few weeks.

And now it’s almost Thanksgiving! Unless my husband insists upon a lentil turkey, I think we’re going to be off the wagon for a while. Damn, that flaccid will power.

By the way, who knows how to convince the Girl Scouts to make gluten-free cookies? How bribe-able do you think they are; on a scale of 1 – 10?

10 thoughts on “Is This a Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookie????

    • I am going to attempt it:) If I somehow manage to do so, I will let you know! Then, I might try to sate my obsession (like, buy-extra-boxes-and-store-in-the-freezer kind of obsession) with GS Thin Mints…

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  2. I know this post is from ages ago, and yes the Girl Scouts do make a gluten free cookie now I think (haven’t tried them). But, if you are ever in Philly, there is a GF bakery in Haddonfield NJ right outside the city called Pop Shop Bakeshop that makes gluten free samoas!!! And they are awesome!

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