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The Perfect Gluten-Free Lunch When You’re Over It

So I say to my husband, I’m tired of this. All I can figure out to eat anymore is a Flying Dutchman at In ‘N’ Out and nachos. Not that there’s anything wrong with either of those items, but my god, I’m not 20 anymore. It’s been crazy town around here and getting creative at dinner is becoming more difficult. Lunch? Forget it. My husband tells me to hit the showers and when I come out he commands that I sit down as he has something to show me. ‘Twas this –

That, my friends, is quinoa with almond roasted kale and a sunny-side up egg. I know because that man I’m married to made a big flourish, and demanded that I photograph this lovely lunch and post it on my blog. Big props to him, because I didn’t even know we had kale in the house. Almonds, of course, are everywhere.

While the greatest husband in the world did stop me from throwing in the towel for yet another day, I am getting really burned out on cooking for myself all the time since I can never, ever grab a sandwich for lunch. Plus, gluten-free bread is phhhhhpt, for the most part. And did I mention I’m over it? Yes, I’m enjoying creating sweets that are all g-free because that is the most important thing in the world. But I’m done with planning every gd meal. I swear after my biopsy in January I’m falling right off this wagon. Or not. Since my hot gastro doc has a way of scaring me straight.

Still, god bless that other hot man in my life for whipping up this delicious lunch. I do know how to pan roast the kale and toss in the almonds at the end (Heat 1 TB olive oil in pan, saute one clove of minced garlic until brown, throw in kale and cook until delicious. Throw almonds in at the last minute), and you know how to fry an egg and cook quinoa, right? I do believe there is a sprinkling of chives and mozzarella on top, for extra fun.

So if you’re at the end of your rope, meal-wise, try this. It’s good. Not Italian sub good, or grabbing a quick slice of pizza good, but still — damn good. Thanks dude.

Any good g-free lunch suggestions out there?

9 thoughts on “The Perfect Gluten-Free Lunch When You’re Over It

  1. If you are having the biopsy in January, shouldn’t you be eating the gluten? Here in Greece they make you eat it for eight weeks before you have the biopsy…about six slices of normal bread a day!

    • Nope, my biopsy is a follow-up from the one I had last year when I was diagnosed. It’s to check and see if my villi is all grown back and healthy since I’ve been off the gluten. I was eating gluten before my first biopsy, when I was diagnosed. Is that what you’re talking about?

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  3. Hey GIMB,
    I sooooo hear you…..especially about the always having to F’n cook thing. Grrrrrrr. Been having my own ‘so over it’ issues lately about always have to pre-plan what I eat. I share your pain…so maybe you could send your hot husband my way to whip up one of them darn good creations above up there?…but wait, I’ll just need to check with my own hot husband that’s ok …

  4. I like a nice gluten free chicken sausage and some greens. Quick like this. I had an insane pizza craving last night and, like you, this was not going to end well unless I actually felt like making a gf pizza crust at 9pm. Solution- brown rice pasta with tomato sauce and I sprinkled some shredded cheese on top and told myself “it’s just like pizza strings.” I feel you on wanting to give up sometimes, but self delusion does really help.

    • I’m thinking you mean pasta? I would totally recommend trying gf pasta made from every different type of flour: quinoa, rice, corn, and god knows what else is out there. I have a friend who swears quinoa pasta is the absolute best and closest to “real” pasta, but I’m leaning towards the corn pasta at Trader Joe’s. Granted, I’ve had some crappy corn pasta from other brands, so maybe TJ’s just got it right. Experiment! I swear there’s some pasta out there you might just love.

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