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Bacon-Infused Bourbon is Totally Gluten-Free

Sometimes I make something “for the blog” that is really pushing the whole gluten-free envelope. This is one of those times. But yet, it’s true. Bacon-infused bourbon is totally gluten-free. Which means I can drink it all day long if I want. And if I want, I can throw up and clog my arteries all day long too. (Although really, how much bacon is getting into my arteries if I’ve strained this stuff with a cheesecloth? Also, if I throw up?)

So when I had this idea to make some infused liquors for holiday gifts, naturally I went bacon. For my meat-eating (and drinking) friends only, this particular infusion is kind of the bomb. Or rather, a lot the bomb. It’s bourbon with bacon. Can I get a Manhattan with a side of pork? Yes I can!

Infusing booze is actually quite simple. So much so that I ditched the method I found online after discovering it really wasn’t giving me that bacon taste I was hoping for, and figured it out myself. One bottle of Costco bourbon and 1 lb of bacon later, I’ve got some super fun holiday gifts and you can too! Oh, and don’t forget the straining, like so:

Even though bacon flavored bourbon is ah-ma-zing, chunks of bacon grease in your cocktail is actually quite WT.

Here’s how to make your holidays bacon-y and bright.

Bacon-Infused Bourbon

Total time: 10 minutes plus 4 days to steep


750 ml bottle of bourbon
1/2 cup bacon grease

1. Pour bacon grease in liquid form into bottle of bourbon (you may have to pour some off so it doesn’t overflow — bottoms up!) Seal bottle and place in refrigerator for four days.

2. On day four take bottle out of refrigerator and strain bourbon into medium-sized bowl covered in cheesecloth. This is a good time to taste. If you’re happy, go no to the next step. Want more bacon? Throw it back in the fridge for a day.

3. Either clean out your bottle of bourbon or find other smaller containers like Mason jars and transfer bourbon from the bowl back into its final resting place. It’s a good idea to strain again using a cheesecloth, even double-layered to make sure you get all of your grease outta’ there. Voila!

4. Drink straight up, or try it in a Manhattan, Old-Fashioned, or your favorite cocktail.

Makes: 5 – 6 oz Jars

7 thoughts on “Bacon-Infused Bourbon is Totally Gluten-Free

  1. I love bacon. And I love whiskey…just not so sure about this combination. Is it really that good? And even after straining the whiskey aren’t the little chunks of bacon grease an odd texture?

    • If you like the smoky, peat-y Scotch (and of course LOVE bacon) this is the drink for you. I did a double strain until I couldn’t see any bacon grease in the hooch. I first had this at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, so it’s also certified “hipster.” That may or may not sell it for you.

      You should give it a try!

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