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Gluten-Free Gifts for Celiacs & the People Who Love/Hate Them

Also, what you can expect to get from a celiac. Because the kitchen is closed to gluten, you guys. I don’t care if I only know like, one other celiac besides me. No one is getting gluten from me this year. NO ONE. The good news is, if you’re buying for a hard-to-please gluten-hater, you’ve come to the right place. Yes, it’s a little bit hipster. Which means I’m assuming your gluten-free friend is also a hipster. No offense to you or the hipster you pal around with.

This is how you make gluten-free dreams come true — food and booze. Hence, this booze- and food-filled record bowl. Pile your gift bag, bowl, or box with gluten-free cookies and gluten-free candy. Add a Mason jar or two of infused liquor, and voila! Hipster celiac gift.

You’re probably wondering how I got that album bowl. Well, I learned how to make something out of nothing this year. Having worked in the music biz, and been a dorky yard sale album collector, I’ve got a lot of useless LPs sitting around my house. Like this one –

But you can turn that record into a bowl in like five seconds if you’re willing to part with your vinyl. Here’s how!

Gluten-free Record Bowl (unless you put gluten in it)

adapted from Show Me How! by our fab friends Derek and Lauren


One outdated album
Cookie sheet
Metal bowl

1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees

2. Place metal bowl (the metal bowl that comes with a Kitchen Aid works best) on cookie sheet. Place album on top of bowl centered.

3. Place in oven for 5 – 10 minutes while you’re watching. When it seems to have melted into the shape you like, remove from oven.

4. Let it cool, and display. Like so –

Happy Holidays, everybody! Here’s hoping you don’t get gluten’d.


2 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Gifts for Celiacs & the People Who Love/Hate Them

    • That’s the extent of my craftiness as well. I heard you can kind of mold it when it’s still warm, but I didn’t even attempt that and instead let it take on whatever shape naturally occurred. Have fun crafting it up!

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