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5 Swell Gluten-Free New Year Resolutions for 2012

Holy Sh**, It's 2012

Happy New Year Celiacs! And gluten-haters, and gluten lovers, and random people on the Internets. It’s time to party like it’s 2012 and not that lame-o 2011, or as some people call it, “yesterday.”

Since I just got home and have nothing in my refrigerator but butter and POM, I can’t do a gluten-free recipe. So instead I’m going to ponder what resolutions I should be working on in my spare time. At least, food-wise.

Here’s how I’m going to make 2012 a zillion times better than 2011.

1. Build a machine that when you walk in and get “zapped” you can eat gluten again. (Okay, this was my 5-year-old’s idea, but I’m running with it.)

2. Figure out why all those vegans seem so happy. Then destroy them.

(Kidding! I heart you vegans. And as we totally said in high school — I’m just jealous.)

3. Worm my way into the celiac vaccine medical trials.

4. Infuse more booze!

5. Convince Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles to go gluten-free.

All of these seem totally doable, so I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Here’s to a freaking awesome 2012!

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