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Gluten-Free Apres Ski Near Mt. Baldy

I’m prepared for all of you Colorado types, Vermont residents, and anyone in the actual north where snow happens to totally laugh my latest trip to a ski “resort.” Because over the holiday weekend, my family and I went to Mt. Baldy in Southern California. To do snow things. Even though it was sunny and shorts weather where we live. But dammit, my family was about to get some snow time action if it killed us (or at least made us drive, like, an hour away). Even if this is what it looked like going up the mountain.

Cute, but snow-less. Which is what I always suspected when people swore that SoCal living meant “snowboarding in the morning, and surfing in the afternoon.” Show-offs. Yet, we still took the kids snow tubing. And whether it was man-made snow, or a hallucination, or a combo, it was super fun that looked like this —

Sorry for the crotch shot. But now you know me just a little bit better.

But as we all know, the best part of snow activity comes when you hit the lodge for a little after ski dining. Honestly, I wasn’t worried since I had my cake and my muffins handy. I figured a hot toddy and cake would see me through until we were back in Los Angeles with readily available tacos and 80 degree outdoor dining. So imagine my surprise when we stumbled into a pizzeria — of all places — that served gluten-free pasta. Weird, right? But Eddie’s Pizzeria in nearby Claremont totally did, and I got the three cheese penne with broccoli and chicken. They also put little symbols by food that is naturally gluten-free. Nice. This is the menu (or at least part of it) —

The verdict? Well, I was starving after all that dragging kids up the snowy hill, so I thought it was great. But I also had a lovely little lady snow sport-ing with us try it, to make sure it tasted like pasta for the norms. Sam said it totally did.

So there you have it, Celiacs. If you’re heading to the slopes in Mt. Baldy, feel free to stop into Eddie’s. It’s around the corner from Patty’s. Really.

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