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Gluten-Free Pancake Mix Taste Test!

Who’s ready for a g-free pancake showdown? After hitting up the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim this weekend, I came home with some sample packs of gluten-free pancake mix. So why not make them all at once and see which one wins the taste test? I mean, what else would I do? Parse them out to three different Saturdays? Peeshaw.

Our family favorite pancake is the buckwheat mix from The Pure Pantry, so I was sure to stop by her booth and geek out. I was rewarded with my own little envelope of pancake. Nice! I also picked up a sample from Pamela’s and XO Baking Co. and thus, the competition began.

(By the way, if a visitor from outer space were to pop into the Natural Products Expo this weekend, he/she/it would surely assume that eating gluten angers our gods. I could not believe the amount of gluten-free food stuffs in that convention center. Is this a trend or something?)

Onto the pancake fight!

There are a few gluten-filled items that really translate well to gluten-free, and the pancake is one of them. So what I’m trying to say is all of these were delicious. In fact, after trying these various ‘cakes, my daughter was shocked, “These are gluten-free?” I had to inform her she’s been eating gluten-free pancakes for more than a year. She couldn’t believe it. Okay, she’s also six years old so maybe not the best judge of “Does sweet taste good?” Still.

While my husband is still loyal to The Pure Pantry, newcomer XO Baking Co. kind of blew me away with their mix (which I don’t even see on their website — new product?). Their pancakes were a bit fluffier, and we all know fluffy makes me happy. So I’ll be seeking out their goods at my local Whole Foods and gf specialty shop, and you should too. That is, if you enjoy a pancake breakfast/lunch/supper, like my family does. And if you don’t, well, I feel sorry for you and your non-pancake ways. Whooo! Pancakes!

What’s your favorite gf pancake mix?

13 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Pancake Mix Taste Test!

  1. As an Ozarker, I make my own. I still have many blends to try but I find (as you have) almost anything “does alright” as pancakes. I’ve found, however, a lot are quite flat–which I also enjoy! It works out okay for me.

      • The Bisquick GF was really expensive, I usually make my own ‘mix’ but I tried it, and it wasnt bad. I used it for a biscuit topping for pot pie…was actually pretty good! I did add in some cheese to the mix though too! 🙂

  2. Yes, the pancake and waffle mix is one of XO Baking Co.’s 5 new products launching this month. You’ll be able to buy within a week 😀
    Glad you enjoyed them!

    • Actually, at least one of these packages (XO, I think) had instructions to make it completely vegan (no eggs, no dairy products) and they don’t have yeast. So if you can find this online, maybe you can make pancakes happen!

      • Wow, looks like I’ll have to do some research! Like you said above, I couldn’t find the pancake mix online for now.
        I DID take a look at the All Purpose Baking Flour though and it’s really interesting… Flour I can get over here never contains cassava or coconut flour. I didn’t even know that was an option. I mostly found flour based on corn (in Germany, Schär also sells flour in different variations – all of them corn based though). Schneekoppe also has a good variety of flour and baking mixes, all corn/rice/potato based.
        Next time I’m coming to the US, I’ll definitely check out those “other” alternatives 😉

        Thanks for running such a great blog!

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