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Red Meat, I’m Not Scared of You

Where's The Beef?

Oy to the vey, people. Apparently what everyone but the beef council has been whispering for years is true: Eat red meat, cut years off of your life. You’ve got your cancer, your heart disease, and “just about any other cause.” Yikes! But burgers are good. Which is why I’ve spent the last 24 hours trying to figure out how to justify my burger habit.

Listen, gluten is what I worry about. Quite frankly, that’s enough. For all of you who have to also go dairy-free, soy-free, octopus-free (I’m so, so, sorry), I feel for you. And I fear that I could one day join you in the multi-allergic world. So for now, until I absolutely have to, I’m not giving up one more damn thing.

I know red meat is not so awesome for lots of things health-wise. But it is awesome grilling-wise. Even with the cancer you get on the grill. Tastes great! And I tried going vegetarian, that’s when I started to get violently ill and was diagnosed with Celiac. So I’m not doing that again, even though I think it’s probably a great idea . . . for someone else.

Also (in the great tradition of justification for unhealthy behavior) the study shows that “each additional serving of red meat the participants ate per day was associated with a 13% higher risk of dying during the study.” So if you eat red meat multiple times per day, you’re gonna’ die early. That seems logical. What about once a week? Twice a week? Pushing it to three times a week? That’s not multiple times per day. Not at all.

I swear to Jebus I do not eat In ‘N’ Out more than once a week. I would even say once every other week, but I might be lying. There was that one weekend I ate three cheeseburgers, but  I was stressed out and on my period.

The point being, I don’t eat red meat every day. Not even every other day, so does this mean I’m still in danger of dying early? It’s unclear. What is clear, is that burgers are not the best for your body. But that was clear a zillion years ago.

So, I got it. Stop eating multiple hunks of meat every day, maybe eat some vegetables. And stay away from the gluten. ON IT. Especially since it’s exactly what I was doing before I learned about the deadly beef.

Are you changing your meat-eating habits?

9 thoughts on “Red Meat, I’m Not Scared of You

  1. It’s funny, I changed my meat eating habits before I went gluten free. I was on weight watchers and found pork, chicken, and turkey were way less points, so I ate less red meat and have kept with it. I probably only eat it about twice a week maybe more when it’s that time of the month.

  2. I’m with you. Because of the combined food allergies and intolerances of myself and my nursling, I’m eating dairy, wheat, egg, banana and avacado free and have been since I was nursing my 1st who had the issues (so 3 years) I’m not giving up another thing either! I make nearly everything we eat from scratch. We eat healthier that most anyone I know. I’m not going to freak out about eating red meat once (occasionally twice) a week.

  3. We just watched Triumph, the insult comic dog, so I am inclined to finish your “going vegetarian . . . is probably a great idea . . .” with “for me to poop on.” With apologies to all of us celiacs for whom poop can be a painful subject.

  4. We’re currently doing a form of Paleo, so meat is one of the few things we get to indulge. We’re only eating red meat a few times a week; that seems plenty moderate to me, damnit.

    • Last summer Udi’s gluten-free buns were readily available, although I haven’t seen them since September. Those have been my favorites so far. I haven’t tried to make them just because trying to get bread fluffy has been a constant fail in my kitchen. Seriously, if anyone has any tricks I’d love to know them. Also, Whole Foods has kind of a weird gluten-free bun that’s more like a biscuit. But hey, a burger on a biscuit is not a bad thing AT ALL.

      • Sounds great! I couldn’t find anything comparable here on Germany – I might just have to order some from the next friends who come over from the US 😉
        German gluten free bakeries have typical German buns, small ciabatta, small baguettes… All of which have a pretty hard crust, so not really suitable for burgers.
        I’ll try to find that brand somewhere over here!

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