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Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Larchmont Bungalow Before T-Ball

Millet Toast!!!

Just as I’ve been bitching and moaning about the lack of gluten-free pastries available where you can also sit down for breakfast, I stumbled into a gluten-free find of epic proportions. I took my little dude to breakfast at the Larchmont Bungalow yesterday morning and lo and behold — there were so many gluten-free options I bought things I didn’t even want or need! But not just any gluten-free goods, actual delicious ones that do not overwhelm you with the flavor of rice flour. Whoo-hooo!

The Bungalow is selling gluten-free goods from my absolute favorite bakery, The Sensitive Baker. Or whatever it’s called these days. That amazing gluten-free bakery in Culver City which is way too far away from my house. Look at the muffins!

When my family moved to LA a little less than two years ago, the very first place we had breakfast after moving into our new home was the Bungalow, which was just down the street. But since we relocated to another part of the Los Angeles, I have not been back. In need of a breakfast spot near a t-ball field where my daughter was about to play her first game, my boy and I sauntered into the cafe as his sister and dad went to pre-game practice. Check out my gal on first base and that super handsome first base coach —

So we loaded up on omelets and gluten-free goodies that made me almost as happy as watching my gal play her very first game of t-ball.

I love the (former) Sensitive Baker. Not enough to remember what its new name is, and definitely not enough to travel from the east side to the west side on a regular basis. (I’ll spare those of you outside of Los Angeles the sob story about east to west side traffic, but those of you who are here, and have lost your edge — like me — know my pain. PAIN.) So enjoying muffins, cupcakes, and millet toast with my eggs courtesy of such a fantastic gluten-free bakery (Oh! It’s now called Rising Hearts. I’ll never remember that.) without the traffic just made the morning of this Celiac.

9 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Larchmont Bungalow Before T-Ball

    • It’s a few blocks from Babycakes! I have to say that The Sensitive Baker — excuse me Rising Hearts Bakery — does a much better job on cake and cupcakes than Babycakes does. I get that weird after taste with Babycakes products, but Rising Hearts tastes the most like good-old fashioned gluten-filled cake. If you come to LA, I would totally stock up on Rising Hearts products, and keep them in your freezer.

      You know, The Sensitive Baker is totally a better name than Rising Hearts. Right?

  1. Larchmont Bungalow is still operating illegally without any permit whatsoever.

    Arraignment was last month. Pre-trial is in April.

    They are opting to remain open because the profit from customers like you is more than the fines, legal costs, and chances of arrest/probation.

    Please don’t support the area’s only food service establishment that is operating outside the law. It is unfair to the small family eateries in the area who do all they can to follow what the city requires of them.

    This is what the locals are requesting. Thank you.

  2. They have no permit. They told council they’re a furniture store because their original permit was for retail.

    That original permit was revoked since 2009. They’ve been without any permit for two years.

    Businesses in the city are required to have licenses to operate. They don’t have any.

  3. Since I best remember the first base coach (who IS totally cute by the way), when he was the age(s) of your little ones, this was so much fun to see. Hope they had a wonderful game. (Ellen’s best Seattle friend in 5th and 6th grade)

  4. Oh, that makes sense. I’ve been loving the GF goodies at Larchmont Bungalow but didn’t realize they came from Rising Hearts. I love both of those places- it’s so great that we live in a town where we can find stuff like this:)

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