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Easy Gluten-Free & Vegetarian Dinner: Quinoa Chili Stuffed Red Potato

Does anyone remember the great baked potato restaurant craze of the 1980s? My mom and I would hit One Potato, Two Potato in Stillwater every chance we got. Because what’s better than a baked potato loaded up with whatever toppings you desire? Not much. It got all of our “dining out” money until the TCBY rolled into town, and then we were onto declaring, “No, it can’t be yogurt. It can’t!” But you know what? It totally was.

I was reminded of those halcyon days of potatoes and froyo last week when my husband and I came home from work completely stymied about what to eat for dinner. This happens about five times a week once a week, and back in the good old gluten-eating days, that meant one of us would pick up dinner or the phone. No more with the dietary restrictions and the draining of our food budget since I’m shelling out for all of this gluten-free food. When this went down last week, I did something I usually never do: I stopped complaining for a minute and tore my kitchen cabinets apart.

Thanks to my CSA box, and my ample supply of quinoa, we had kind of an amazing gluten-free dinner that (with the exception of that delicious cheese) was also totally healthy! We used low-fat sour cream, if you’re looking at that picture and totally judging us, you judgey mcjudgertons. But if you remove the sour cream and cheese, you’ll have a dairy-free, gluten-free, pile of yum. But me, I don’t truly believe I’ve had a meal unless I’ve eaten cheese.

We started with a super easy black bean, sweet potato, and quinoa chili recipe I saw on The Kitchn (I substituted butternut squash for sweet potatoes, since that’s we had on hand), and then baked up these giant red potatoes that came in our CSA box. Voila!

Here’s what yummy and healthy things you’re putting into your gluten-free body: vegetable, grain, grain, vegetable, legume, more vegetables. Topped with dairy (optional) and more vegetable (green onion). RAD.

Even though I’m not sure what the deal is with those giant red potatoes (compared to the small, round, new potatoes) I decided they also have more minerals or something. So you can say I told you that if you’d like, and then go stuff yourself with this amazing, easy, gf and possibly df, delight. Do it.

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