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So Here’s a Good Gluten-Free Beer

After my brief foray into testing wheat-free beer (that still had the barley) I’ve realized that’s a fool’s game, my friends. Partially because, why am I tempting fate? It’s not like beer is something I can eat for breakfast which is — let’s face it — the most annoying meal of the day when you’re gluten-free. Beer is just a sidecar to your cheeseburger on a gluten-free bun. Also, Gluten Dude totally bummed me out when he posted about an obituary of a 46-year-old woman with Celiac disease. Yeah, it kind of makes you rethink your cavalier barley drinking when you remember that people can actually die from the side effects of this whole disease.

But enough of that kind of talk, let’s meet my new beer friend, Gluten Free The People Dark Ale. I stumbled upon it at my local BevMo, and have not been able to find out one single thing about it since. No website that I an easily locate, no Twitter feed or Facebook page. It’s just kind of this thing that exists on the bottom shelf of BevMo. (I was going to say kind of like my sister-in-law but that only counts for the Twitter and the Facebook.) I hope they up their profile because this is a dang good beer, and here’s why.

  • It’s gluten-free.
  • It’s dark (unlike the watery versions of gf beer that seem to dominate the market).
  • It’s big.
  • It’s available at my local BevMo.
  • It won’t contribute to small intestine cancer.

And all of those things make for an awesome gluten-free beer. Which is a very sad list, indeed. But not nearly as sad as trying to pretend that Corona is okay. It’s not. Don’t drink it.

Has anyone out there heard of this beer?

5 thoughts on “So Here’s a Good Gluten-Free Beer

  1. We’ve searched the midwest, never seen this beer. (Its all about location, isnt it?) My celiac wife is huge Brunehaut gluten-free amber fan. Thats a small problem because its Belgian and slightly pricey, but she only drinks 3-4 a week so it doesn’t hurt too bad.

  2. I love Estrella Daura from Barcelona, Spain. It’s actually made from barley but the way it’s made takes the gluten out. It’s delicious and a pretty hearty beer. Not light tasting. I find it in my local Whole Foods.

  3. My husband was a craft beer drinker before being diagnosed with celiac disease. This is the best so far and then Estrella. I do think bevmo is discontinuing it. None of my local stores are carrying it and I just bought the last 9 online

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