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Celiac Disease Convention Surprisingly Delicious & Boozy

News Flash: Dum-Dums are gluten-free

You guys, this weekend was cray-cray! I just got finished partying with a bunch of Celiacs at the annual Celiac Disease Foundation Convention and you know what that means. That’s right, the Tito’s vodka was flowing, the gluten-free pizzas were being passed around, and nobody went home alone. Can I get a wha-what?

Or, you know, maybe the convention started at 7:30 a.m. and since the hotel was all of 2.5 minutes from my house and my kids woke us up at 5:30 I drank a lot of coffee and walked across the street to see what’s new and g-free! Either/Or.

The point is, I discovered some new tasty treats that are all gluten-free, and I’m going to fill you in on that business. As seen in the pile of free samples I walked away with, above. Not pictured: Bard’s gluten-free beer, which was chilling in my fridge; Venice Bakery gluten-free pizza crust, which was in my oven covered in prosciutto and mozzarella; and a snack pack of Lay’s original potato chips which I already ate. I kind of had to, as I didn’t know they were gluten-free, so when the nice man handed them out I immediately busted those chips open.

In addition to these goodies, you could kind of graze your way through the convention hall and fill up for the day on gluten-free foods. I have to say there’s something refreshing and very much an antidote to the disappointment I feel when walking through Costco on the weekend. I could eat anything in that entire place, you guys. ANYTHING. And I did. Here is one of my faves.

Arnel McAtee was there with her original gluten-free concoctions and I have to say this lady was adorbs. I want Arnel to be my nana. She insisted I try her baking mixes that included an incredible buttery and flaky pie crust, buckwheat soft bread, and a chocolate chip cake. All soft, and all delicious. Being the lovely lady that she is, I’m pretty sure Arnel was disappointed in me when I handed her my business card. I’m sorry for using curse words, Arnel, but thanks for the yummy cake!

Onward! So Gorton’s is getting into the gluten-free game. I decided to hang out there for a bit and chat about fish sticks. Only they’re more about the healthy tilapia and stuff. Mostly I was mesmerized by the cute little guy in the boat, but the nice Gorton’s lady reminded me that I really need to be eating fish twice a week. She, and my husband, are apparently right about that.

Meanwhile in the ballroom there were people chatting about Celiac. I tried to listen, I did. But once the topic of, “Do we biopsy, or do we not biopsy?” was discussed for more than 25 seconds, I had to bail. I know I should be paying attention, but the Hodgson Mill people were making fried chicken in the other room and Bard’s was pouring as early as 8:30 in the morning. You can’t really compete with that.

All-in-all it was a successful day in Celiac land. It must feel the same way for nudists when they get to go away for camp and nobody complains about their peccadilloes. It’s just assumed that there is something wrong with you and instead of calling the police, someone hands you a gluten-free muffin. And that, my friends, is rad.

Were you at the convention? Did you get loaded up on fried chicken, beer, and cake?

6 thoughts on “Celiac Disease Convention Surprisingly Delicious & Boozy

  1. I was totally there…all the way from Chicago. I would have loved to meet you, so I’m sorry I missed the chance to do that and give you all of the California related goodies in the swag bag. I left that free pizza box in the airport shuttle for my driver. :-\

    The fried chicken from Hodgson Mill was delicious (better than the fried chicken on the salad they served for lunch). I also really loved the Gluten Not Included scones. To die for! Those single serve pies were also super yum! Mudslide, anyone?

    How did I miss seeing Arnel? Look how cute she is!

  2. I was there. I skipped the beer though and tried the Hard Cider instead. I too was bored by the Dr’s but I did like the nutricienists and learned a few new things from them.

    • I think I missed the Hard Cider. That’s what I get for walking through too early in the morning.
      @gfbetsy –Arnel is the bomb. But I cannot believe I missed single serve pies!!! How did I miss so many things?

  3. For some reason I always seem to plan travel the same weekend that anything Celiac or gluten free related happens locally. Dumb, Melissa. Note to self: put 2013 on the calendar now so I don’t do that again.

  4. I was so super stoked to find your blog! I am new to celiac and highly pissed about it. Anyhoo I was looking for beer and found your post subsequently your blog and thanks for being real about it!

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