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Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Muffins for an Elephant’s Birthday

This elephant. You see, my daughter convinced me it was her elephant’s birthday yesterday, and Ellie the Elephant needed cake. It’s totally true, see the piece of paper with yesterday’s date on it? That’s proof, terrorist-style. Private school tuition at work, people! Check it.

Not one to deny a birthday treat to a stuffed elephant, I ransacked my cabinets for a gluten-free quickie. The first thing I grabbed was this chocolate chip muffin mix from Authentic Foods. I have exactly zero recall as to when I acquired this package of goodness, but I’m guessing it was one of my rampages through Whole Foods or the gluten-free store. I also found two boxes of gluten-free chocolate cake mix, one box of gluten-free pie crust, and about three boxes of random gluten-free cookies that cannot be okay after sitting in the back of my cabinet for god knows how long. Time for some spring cleaning, gluten-free style.

But on to the delicious muffins. Or, let’s be honest here, cupcakes. Ellie the Elephant seemed to really enjoy her birthday treat. And while I realize this isn’t a real recipe — you guys — that’s not a real elephant. And I’m not even sure that yesterday was her actual birthday.

The lesson here is, of course, always have a stash of gluten-free yummy mix in your cabinet. After all, your kid’s stuffed elephant doesn’t turn 12 every day. Or maybe she does. Really, I don’t know what goes on in your house.

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