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Red Velvet Cake For Your Gluten-Free Mother

I could have just left this box out and maybe someone in my family would have gotten the hint to make it. But I didn’t. Instead, I decided to see if my favorite gluten-free flourCup4Cup could also make a dang good gluten-free cake mix. I honestly could not resist this box staring at me from the Williams-Sonoma shelf. Which is  incidentally, what I also said about the margarita mix. Both worth it.

By the way, after I bought this cake mix some crazy woman hit me with her car. She was driving into oncoming traffic, and I was sitting waiting for a red light. It’s a bit of a shock to be sideswiped, especially when you’re not actually doing anything wrong. Not even trying to Shazam while driving! Do you know how often something bad happens to me when I’m completely not at fault? Never. I’ve always done something to provoke. However, not this time. Here she is:

That’s not right.

But back to Mother’s Day. The most wonderful day of the year!

So if you want to impress your gluten-free mom, bake her a cake. Or better yet, find some donuts. Because seriously, we need donuts. I will offer one piece of advice, however. Maybe don’t try to make a red velvet cake for your gluten-free mother who grew up with amazing cooks who also hailed from the southern’ish part of the United States. Because that gluten-free mother knows what red velvet cake actually tastes like, and while this —

was delicious. It was not southern-approved. It is, most likely, not filled with lard. Which is what I’m guessing is what makes southern red velvet cake so luscious. Lard, maybe bacon grease, possibly the accent. But I’m telling you, if you just get your gluten-free mom something sweet, formerly forbidden, and gluten-free, you’re totally not going to get left out of the will. So do this for the gluten-free lady you love. NOW.

9 thoughts on “Red Velvet Cake For Your Gluten-Free Mother

  1. thanks for turning us onto this deliciousness. this cake is the bomb, as is the cooker. Happy Mama’s Day!!!

  2. I’m southern, and I dearly miss red velvet cake. I am going to have to try this. If it even gets kind of close, I will be in heaven. I hope my WS has it.

    • You can also order it online! But I’m going to tinker around with my mom’s own recipe and see if I can’t find gluten-free red velvet cake nirvana.

  3. I am also Southern – and I don’t think I ever had red velvet cake growing up. (Maybe bc my Georgia grandma made such a good pound cake she never tried anything else?) I do, however, dearly love the Sprinkles gf red velvet cupcakes. Have you had them? How do they compare?

    • I don’t think I’ve ever had Sprinkles red velvet. I used to love Magnolia’s red velvet cupcakes. But the best I ever had was from the Cake Man in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn. That man knew how to make a red velvet cake.

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