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Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Scott Baio Loves Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza & Grill

Something awesome, yet bizarro is happening in my neighborhood you guys. Or rather, my adjacent neighborhood. Not one, but two restaurants opened this week that serve gluten-free pizza. That’s right, gluten-free pizza within walking (if-we-still-lived-in-Brooklyn-but-we-live-in-LA-so-driving) distance!!! It’s like all of my complaining is finally paying off and now I can enjoy pizza every night of the week without looking like that person that comes into your restaurant every night of the week. Because of trading off, that’s how.

Thank goodness someone made the Sophie’s choice for me as to which pizzeria to try first, as the lovely people of Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza and Grill extended an invitation to me to check out their new digs earlier this week. I obliged. So did Scott Baio, as the hubs and I totally star-sighted that guy chowing down at Sammy’s. (Apparently his wife loves the joint.) But back to the food. The food that Chachi loves more than Joanie.

While the pizza is certainly a super delicious treat (we had the BBQ chicken pizza, because why not?), there are a variety of items on the Sammy’s menu that are gluten-free. And all kinds of cues on the menu about how to order up some gluten-free grub. See —

Which probably explains why I found myself surrounded by Celiacs as there was a fundraiser for the CDF going on whilst I was enjoying my gf beer and pasta bolognese. That’s right, I ordered gluten-free pasta in a restaurant. Woot! Also, can I just say how weird it was to constantly hear snatches of conversation from a table other than my own that included the words, “gluten-free,” “rice flour,” and “are you sure?” FUN.

So if you’re in my neighborhood, or other places because Sammy’s doesn’t only hang out by me, enjoy some gluten-free pizza, pasta, and apps with your gluten-free beer. Crazy, right?

Have you been to Sammy’s? Did you see Charles in Charge?

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