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Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Short Cake @ The Original Farmer’s Market

Yep, these are gluten-free desserts. In a public place.

So here’s something awesome that happened. A nice lady got in touch with me to let me in on a secret — there was a gluten-free baker hanging out at a new, hip bakery and restaurant at The Farmer’s Market at 3rd & Fairfax. I know what you’re thinking — a gluten-free baker? What the? Here she is:

Isn’t she adorable? Perhaps it’s because she sent me home with lip-smackingly good gluten-free brownies, nougat fun and a sunflower seed, homemade marshmallow, sun butter chocolate treat. Oh, and plied me with a TCHO chocolate custard shake. Needless to say I had a lovely afternoon with Short Cake baker (bakestress?) Hourie Sahakian who showed me in the inner workings of the Short Order restaurant and Short Cake bakery that are totally gluten-free friendly. This is the custard machine.

I realize that means nothing to you unless you’ve enjoyed one of the amazing custard shakes. But this is a $45,000 machine for custard making. Here’s the gluten-free flour —

Of course, there are many, many, gluten-filled delights at Short Cake, as well as the scrumptious (for gluten-eaters) homemade hamburger buns at Short Order so Hourie and I discussed cross-contamination, and also, ummm, isn’t she sick all the damn time? It’s true that Hourie suffers — so we don’t have to —  and has given in a bit to her chosen profession, which I find fascinating as I don’t think I’ve ever been so committed to something in my life. Except maybe cheese.

But, and here’s where this beautiful story turns tragic, Hourie wasn’t planning on being the master baker at Short Cake. Instead her friend Amy Pressman was the proprietress and baker who planned to open Short Order and Short Cake. Before the opening Pressman was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and, tragically, passed away shortly before the bakery could even pop up the awning. Hourie, along with the amazing Nancy Silverton, stepped in and made Pressman’s dream a reality. Yes, you totally have to go there now. It will warm your gluten-free heart.

Before you belly up to the coffee bar, Hourie wants to be clear that the bakery is in an open-air venue so flour will fly. While she personally does sanitize her gluten-free cook’s tools and area, there’s no controlling what’s going on in the air. I ate every dang one of those gluten-free goodies and other than that sugar coma, I’m no worse for wear. But if you are especially sensitive, this may not be the best choice for your gluten-free brownie. Otherwise, get thee to the Short Cake. I dare you to not stuff your face until you explode.*

*I am not the boss of you. Please do not injure yourself while taking bad advice from me.

7 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Short Cake @ The Original Farmer’s Market

  1. Went there today the rice krispie treat thing was awesome! By the way if you are near the grove there is a place called fonuts that has gluten free donuts (well they are more like cakes) pretty good I didn’t get sick.

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