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Gluten Is My Bitch: The Book, The Movie, The Mini-Series

Two of those things are totally not true. But one is. I’m writing a book, ya’ll! Excuse me, I get excited and my Okie comes out. Gluten Is My Bitch, the book, will hit shelves in May of 2013 published by Abrams. Which I’m STOKED about. Thanks to my lovely agent at Stonesong, and my adorable friend at Cooking With My Kid who made the intro. Let’s give a shout-out to Alison and Rebecca. Can I get a wha-what?

So I’m going to be busy writing and maybe cursing. Okay, totally cursing.

This also means that I’m madly developing recipes that will be book exclusives, so you won’t be seeing them here. I’m totally sorry, as I’ve tapped my family cookbook which is filled with Southern and Cajun delights. Yep, lots of yumness that would give Paula Deen diabetes all over again. So you can look forward to that when you buy the book next May. Which you’re absolutely going to do, right?

But it’s not all food to kill. I’ll also explore being gluten-free and vegan, for you healthy types (but only a little, I do have a reputation to maintain), and of course gluten-free kid food. ‘Cuz having a gluten-free kid is a major drag. My kid won’t eat french fries and that bums me out. You folks watching your kid’s gluten intake are heroes. I’ll give you a hand! And of course there will be the complaining. So get ready.

In the meantime, let’s play “guess the gluten-free food” with this randomness:

There’s a coffee shop I frequent and this is the gluten-free “pastry” option. I used to love it, but now I’m so totally sick of this thing. I’d never heard of it before, nor have I attempted to make it in my own home.

Do you know what it is?*

No peeking before guessing!

I mean it. Don’t read any further.

You’re totally going to spoil your guess.

Fine. Be that way.

*It’s called a sesame roll. Whatever that means. Made with rice flour and love. Or sesames. Either/Or.

11 thoughts on “Gluten Is My Bitch: The Book, The Movie, The Mini-Series

  1. It’s extremely easy to eat gluten-free (and now practically grain free) when it makes you violently ill. I still laugh at people who “only” get IBS symptoms.

    Congrats on your book deal! My guess on that would’ve been a roll of some kind but not sesame. It sort of looks like what passes for faux-blueberries in baking.

    • Right. God help me if I hadn’t had any symptoms and someone said to me, “Oh, guess what? You can’t eat that anymore.” I would have ignored them until my early death.

      • My symptoms weren’t IBS. They were far worse–since I have lupus, they were passed off as my lupus growing worse. I still have congenital lupus but now the BALDING, rosacea (types 2 and 4–now “flushing,” which is skin color), joints swelling (as in my 6.5 feet barely fitting size 8s for weeks at a time; that’s not water, that’s JOINTS swollen), etc. are/ were still my symptoms. IBS isn’t “that bad” in comparison but it’s the #1 symptom, so makes for a ready diagnosis! Mine was deeply systemic as I’d been poisoned for 40 years. Watch your kids for systemic symptoms, which may show they (like me) cannot tolerate a lot more than the protein gluten. If they’re lucky, very lucky, that will be their only issue. I’m finding amongst peers, that’s rare.

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