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Gluten-Free With Friends: Hugo’s West Hollywood

It’s so nice to see friends from the east coast. It reminds me of how pale and jumpy I used to be. Okay, still am. While they usually tend to head west during those hellacious winter months, my friend Matt* was just here for work’ish today! Hooray! So I got to enjoy a lovely gluten-free breakfast with him and try to convince him to move to LA. That’s what all of us east coast transplants do, by the way. Try to convince everyone else to populate Los Angeles. And now you know why so many people in LA have crazy New York accents.

So I picked a spot somewhere between his lovely vacation work spot in Santa Monica, and my lovely home spot in the hills, and settled on Hugo’s in West Hollywood. True, it was closer to my house, but I’m not sure how to get to Santa Monica. Just ask Matt, who was the beneficiary of horrible directions back to the beach.

I’ve been hearing great things about Hugo’s ever since I had to give up the devil gluten, but I was really not prepared for what awaited this gluten-free gal (and friend who couldn’t care less). Even with the cross-contamination disclaimer, I have never been so excited to see a menu in my life. Just about everything can be made gluten-free, even these –

Although I’m pretty sure Matt got a plate full of gluten, since that guy can eat whatever he wants. But for the rest of us Celiac types, you can get mad cereals, mole chocolate pancakes, chilequiles, and the amazoids green tamale and eggs dish you can see above.

That’s spinach corn tamales with avocado, tomato, cilantro salsa, tortilla chips, and scrambled eggs. So good, you guys. I honestly want to go back to Hugo’s every day. The menu is extensive, and they’re  totally on the food issue tip at this joint. Now I understand why — when I tell people I have Celiac disease — the first thing they say is, “Have you been to Hugo’s?” Okay, the first thing they say is, “Have you heard of the Gluten-Free Girl?” Then they tell me to go to Hugo’s. Sound advice, my Los Angeleno friends, sound advice.

*name has not been changed at all

10 thoughts on “Gluten-Free With Friends: Hugo’s West Hollywood

  1. I love Hugos, but a fair warning – I had to cross off Hugo’s Tacos just last week after subsequent glutenings, one the most severe I’ve had in 2012 since discovering last year, via an errant piece of whole grain toast that made doctors want to take my appendix, that gluten was making me its bitch. Feel out your waiters, because the Taco stand people more and more were giving me blank stares when I’d give them my speech, and no problems turned to tiny discomfort turned into an almost hospital visit. (PS, I LOVE YOU AND AM MAKING YOUR MEATLOAF RIGHT NOW).

    • I LOVE YOU TOO. I just had to cap that.

      Yeah, I’m just writing about cross-contamination right now in my book and it’s hella’ tricky. You’re basically at the mercy of your server, the chef, the person cleaning the dishes. I’m bummed you had an issue at Hugo’s. I’d already made my shrine to that place.

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