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Gluten-Free IKEA Swedish Food Market

So my friend Tami and I go out for a night on the town to Chevy’s Fresh Mex and IKEA. Because we’re classy, that’s why. Tami was filling me in on the gluten-freeness of Chevy’s and I was all, “That sounds amazing!” As soon as I put the directions to the Burbank eatery into my GPS I thought, “Wait a minute. I’ve been here before.” Sure enough.

Chevy’s did not disappoint, yet again, and this time I actually did enjoy some tequila. Which totally explains our epic run through IKEA across the street, which was closing in five minutes when we walked in the door. Not only did we lap the entire store (and I even took note of a lovely new kitchen cabinet I liked), we hit up the Swedish food market and I immediately began hunting for the gluten-free. This is what I came home with:

I do blame the Red Paloma for this, a little bit. My family should be grateful, however, that I skipped over the crab paste for the salmon since my husband does have a wee bit of an allergy to the shellfish. I’m considerate like that. The crab paste is much cuter. See if you can find it in this picture.

Does anyone ever buy their cheese from IKEA? Just wondering. Not judging. Much.

My friend was able to load up on lots of butter cookies covered in chocolate, and the three for $1.99 (where’s that very distinctive font when you need it?) chocolate bars. ‘Cuz she can have gluten. The point is, there’s not a lot of gluten-free foodstuffs in the IKEA Swedish market. Maybe don’t shop there for dinner. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

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