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Gluten-Free Austin: Thundercloud Subs & The Usuals

Also gluten-free. Also from Austin.

Of course it makes zero sense to travel to Austin, Texas in July. Yet, I just did! It was my mom’s birthday this weekend, so I braved the scorching temperatures and mosquito attacks and ate myself gluten-free silly in the Celiac Capital of the World. And thanks to ATX Gluten-Free, I made a discovery of epic proportions: My favorite sub shop can be enjoyed by the intolerant. Woooooot! (Okay, second favorite but Delaware Subs is still loving that gluten.)

While I hit the usual spots that are totally gluten-free friendly (Frank, Guero’s) and braved the very, very, very, not gluten-friendly (Chuy’s, Threadgill’s), I made a few new discoveries this trip. One, is that the Omni Hotel has a pool on the roof! Thanks, Ginger. Oh, and they also offer gluten-free toast and the like at their breakfast buffet. Two, Alamo Drafthouse has a gluten-free designation on their menu, and they serve up a gluten-free beer! Three, the new’ish Whole Foods on S. Lamar is the most amazing store in the entire world. And four, Thundercloud Subs has just satisfied my year-and-a-half longing to walk into a sub shop and order a delicious turkey and cheese sammy. Lookee.

Seriously, next to standing slack-jawed in the world’s best Whole Foods staring at a huge aisle filled with gluten-free goodness, having a sandwich at Thundercloud Subs was my most best gluten-free moment in Austin.

Here’s how it went down: I was all, “So, I hear you have a gluten-free bun.” The dude: “Yeah.”  Me: “I would like that please.” Dude: (Just stares.) Me: “Oh, with turkey and provolone.” Dude shuffles off to get the gluten-free bun from its magic sealed bag, and asked me if I wanted him to use a fresh cutting area. Ummm, yes I do, slacker. He fixed it all up, I got my turkey and cheese on, and damn if it wasn’t a tasty, soft, gf bun. (Incidentally, I’ve never had a bun like it before and don’t know where it came from. Anyone in the Austin area know?)

I’ve really, really, really, missed sandwiches, as I just can’t fall in love with making my own sandwich at home on gf bread. I want that fresh-baked bread and deli sandwich (with gluten-free deli meat, natch) that a pro puts together. It’s just better. Thanks, Thundercloud. Even if you do employ hipsters with attitude, I’ll still stop by whenever I’m local.

12 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Austin: Thundercloud Subs & The Usuals

  1. Hey! The bun is actually from Smart Flour Foods (www.smartflourfoods.com) which is a gluten-free manufacturer here in Austin – they do the pizza at Austin’s Pizza, Brick Oven, and the Grove too! Glad you liked it, I do too!

    • Thanks so much for the info, Jaime! Next on my Austin list: Austin’s Pizza, Brick Oven and the Grove. By the way, is the Grove the same thing as Shady Grove? Or different?

  2. Glad you enjoyed Thundercloud! Yes the bun is from Smart Flour Foods (formerly Gluten-Free Kneads). The Grove is different than Shady Grove and a million times better… enjoy gluten-free pizza there, bruschetta and sandwiches. I love their wine flights and visit them all the time! If you are jonesing for a gluten-free wrap- try Toastie’s on S. Lamar.

      • Dude….they are so good, but forget finding them. When I actually do, I buy like 4 of them at 8.99 each. Good toasted with tomato, lettuce, onion, and smoked gouda, soy free veganaise, balsamic and a touch of oil.

  3. Love this post. I was recently in Austin for SXSW and will be back again in the fall for ACL and I must say, I found it MUCH easier to eat GF out and about than I do here in LA. But the thought of some GF toast as a part of the breakfast buffet does sound good too 😉

  4. i’m visiting Houston/San Antonio/Austin in 2 weeks and scared sh*tless what i will eat. I’m going with a friend who doesn’t get it all that much and we will be road tripping here and there so that scares me. I’m going to bring a bit of food with me but really dont want to live on kind bars for a week and watch her eat which is semi-what happened when she and i went to georgia together. i know travel is not about the food but it sorta is ! good to know there are some peeps who went to austin and had good experience. maybe i will suggest staying 2 days there instead of just 1 and i will eat the entire time : )

    • Austin is amazing for gluten-free!!! Really, just google ‘austin’ on my blog and you’ll see so much. Also, almost every place I’ve gone has a gluten-free menu. Good luck!

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