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How to Eat Gluten-Free at Dodger Stadium

So I got to do this super awesome thing last Saturday night at the Dodgers vs. Padres game here in  LA. As part of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Digital Series, food bloggers were invited inside the stadium to romp on the field, meet players, stalk the press box, and take a gander at all of the amazing food Dodger Stadium has to offer. But first, meet Nancy Bea Hefley, the Dodgers’ very talented organist since 1988 —

Oh, you also want to see what player I got to talk to about local restaurants? It was mother-scratchin’ Andre Ethier, who is almost as adorable as Nancy.

Yes, it was totally cool. And yes, at least some of my motivation was to make my husband incredibly jealous. The other thing I was excited to discover (obvs) was how much gluten-free goodness was available the next time I headed out to the ball park. It turns out, it all depends on your seats.

It’s true the more you pay, the better your options. As seen here in the Stadium Club where you can just have a hunk of meat hacked off and served up to you on a plate, if you like.

But you can also get your salad on, if that’s how you roll.

The Dugout Club also offers a variety of fancy foods, many gluten-free, many totally delicious. But if you’ve got those kinds of killer seats, you’re probably going to keep your butt in them.

Even if you find yourself in the cheap seats, you can request to head to the Club level where the Marketplace offers gluten-free snacks, like so.

Skittles are gluten-free. Who knew?

You’ll understand now why I was incredibly envious of all of the gluten eaters who chowed down on these new “Extreme Loaded Dogs” which include the Big Kid Dog (mac and cheese, and Fritos on the hot dog) and my personal fave, the Frito Pie Dog, which is exactly what it sounds like. Here’s what I totally couldn’t eat.

I really wanted to shove my face into all of this. Like, really. But I refrained because I’m classy like that.

While this is a total gluten-o-rama, you can get a Dodger Dog without the bun if you’re really hankering for the experience, and possibly even a Frito Pie Dog without the bun, although I’m not sure about the chili situation. I thought there were also gluten-free buns available at Dodger Stadium, but the lady running the food show said they just brought those in for special events. Boo! But still, there is that lovely gluten-free beer.

Beer. The universal problem solver. Oh wait, that can’t be right.

So here’s what I suggest you gluten intolerant types do the next time you’re headed out to a ballgame at Dodgers Stadium. Find a rich friend who has access to the Dugout Club and/or the Stadium Club. Otherwise, it’s snack time at the Club Marketplace. Followed by gluten-free beer. Lots of gluten-free beer.

Have you eaten well, and gluten-free, at Dodgers Stadium?

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