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People Are Doing Amazing Things With Gluten-Free Brownies These Days

Jesus, Pinterest is rad. If by rad, I mean, inspires me to make crazy awesome things while filling me with shame as I drift into housewifedom. But did you see these Twix brownies? I know! Pinterest, you tempterest. How did you know that next to Kit-Kat bars, I miss the Twix the most? It’s like you can see inside my soul and know that I crave gluten-filled junk food and apothecary decor.

Naturally I had to try my hand at gluten-freeing these crazy brownies with caramel and a cookie crunch. While the end result was more decadent dessert than highly processed candy bar, it was still super delicious. And actually pretty easy since I was able to find these gluten-free elements at my local TJs.

You can make your own gluten-free caramel sauce and brownies, but why would you? You’ve got Twix brownies to make. Here’s how you make that bizness. You’re welcome.

Gluten-Free Twix Brownie

adapted from Jasey’s Crazy Daisy

Prep time: 7 minutes Cook time: 30 minutes


2 – 5 oz bags of Amy’s gluten-free short bread cookies
5 TB butter
Gluten-free brownie mix
Gluten-free caramel sauce
1 bag gluten-free chocolate chips
2 TB butter
1/4 cup heavy cream

1. Put gluten-free cookies in food processor and pulse until fine. Melt 5 tablespoons of butter in a medium bowl and mix with cookie crumbs. Grease a 9″ x 13″ pan and place cookie and butter mixture into bottom of the pan.

2. Prepare gluten-free brownie mix as instructed. Pour brownie mix on top of cookie crust and bake according to brownie instructions.

3. Allow brownies to completely cool before covering with caramel sauce. Allow caramel sauce to harden before covering in chocolate mixture. If you’d like to, place the brownies in the freezer for 15 minutes.

4. Combine chocolate chips, butter, and heavy cream in a small pot on medium/low heat. Stir continuously until smooth, pour onto cooled caramel brownie mixture. Allow chocolate to harden for at least half an hour before cutting into delicious bite sized pieces.

Makes: 25 brownies

11 thoughts on “People Are Doing Amazing Things With Gluten-Free Brownies These Days

  1. love it! I’m more on the wheat sensitivity scale, but I used gluten free stuff all the time. I love your writing style- very fun and funny.

    • All of these things are, except for the caramel sauce. It just says “contains no gluten ingredients” but lacks the g label. You can totally make your own sauce, like I did in that other brownie recipe, if you’re anxious. Fun!

  2. Should the first instruction include the words “shortbread cookies”? Also, I would put ribbons of caramel between the brownie and cookie layers, thus making it more Twix-like. Might also work with a flourless chocolate cake layer instead of brownie mix… I love dessert recipes!

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