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Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Rosa Mexicano

And New York, and I think maybe Vegas? While Rosa Mexicano used to be the only spot in New York City for fresh guacamole and killer margaritas, it is now known more for being a high-end Mexican joint that has migrated west. Also, thankfully, a zillion Mexican restaurants are now operating at delicious capacity throughout the five boroughs. Which is why I stopped eating at Rosa Mexicano when I was still living in New York, on account of the less expensive neighborhood joint that was rocking the tacos.

I’m so stoked to have gone back and not only had an amazing meal, but a meal that was also totally safe for my sensitive gut parts. I always say how going for Mexican food is a swell idea for the gluten-free. Yet I was still pleasantly surprised at the gluten-free reception awaiting me as I joined a group of lovely ladies for a farewell dinner at the West Hollywood Rosa Mexicano. When I did my usual spiel of, “I’ve got this bullshit autoimmune situation and do the pork meatball enchiladas have gluten?” the adorable actor/waiter who was trying to lose his Irish accent (with limited success) ran to get me this:

Why yes, those pork enchiladas were gluten-free, as was the Hamachi taco appetizer —

Bacon and sushi-like tacos! How does it get any better than that? I shared these with a friend, but I know we both wanted it all to ourselves. SO GOOD. You guys, this was the biggest gluten-free menu I’ve ever seen. It was basically everything on the regular menu minus like, five items. Happy? Why yes I was.

Incidentally, before I head off to Paris and the land of endless pastry, I’m thrilled to be attending my sister-in-law’s wedding this weekend. It will be my second gluten-free wedding in the past few months, because she is awesome and also shares a love for the cuisine en Mexico. Thank you Amy, and here’s to an amazing wedding weekend filled with love, joy, and tacos.

Photos by Laurel Robinson-White

4 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Rosa Mexicano

  1. April, I recently came across your blog – the name is fantastic btw – and I am having a blast reading through it (I’m nursing a baby at night and am so relieved to have something to obsessively read). My 4 yr old daughter has celiac and since she was diagnosed a year ago I’ve spent a lot of time online looking for recipes and support, and while there are a zillion recipes, I havent found the support – by support I mean the bitching honest kind. It’s like there’s an unspoken rule of celiac peppy-ness and positivity that leaves no room for being pissed off or sad. Thank you for creating a place that does it all. Hope you have an incredible time in Paris – I hear they have GF croissants (that’s our gf holy Grail) so please have some for all of us! -Dana

    • Thanks Dana! And, ugh, your four-year-old! I can’t imagine what it’s like trying to monitor a toddler with pre-school, birthday parties, and playdates. I do poorly enough myself on those occasions.

      I do miss Brooklyn so. I hear the gf places are popping up like mad. I hope that’s true for your sake.

      Oh, and if I find a gf croissant in Paris, I’m going to marry it.

  2. Oh and yeah, Rosa Mexicana is the best! Wish there was one in Bklyn. That’s right, I don’t get out much. Having a 9 month old and a preschooler who hates to sleep really puts a damper on my night life possibilities.

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