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Gluten-Free Care Packages Are Here!

So this is a thing. Someone had the genius idea of curating a gluten-free box of snacks and sending them to your house once a month. Sure you could drive all over town and shop online to find all of these yummies in one place, but how much easier is it to have it arrive on your doorstep? Lots easier, that’s how much.

Especially if you’re a broke college student with a gluten problem. You’ve got to fend off the pizza delivery some way, so how about some Good Cookies? You’ve also got your mac and cheese, your bars, your pretzels. Really, you’re gluten-free set in the dorm.

Of course as an adult I can only do so much snacking, so I’m psyched the good people at GFreely sent me this box right before I fly across the universe. This way I can totally justify hoarding all of these munchies for myself. Have you had these Halfpops? Oddly delicious. But there’s more good news.

Right now GFreely is also offering a discount if you sign up by September 15th. Just enter the code BK2SCHOOL and get 50% off your first box. Whoo! Each box is $19 a month, and snacks come to between $25-$40 in actual value, so you’re already getting a discount, really. Either way, gluten-free snacks + discount = awesome.

Personally, I plan on crunching those chickpeas all the way to France.

Whaddya’ think about this idea?

6 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Care Packages Are Here!

  1. These snacks look great! Perfect for a long plane ride. Oh, I’m having Paris envy!

    Thanks for the toddler-has-celiac empathy in the last post, btw. It really does suck (to put it bluntly). It helps though to have your blog for levity, advice and comisseration 🙂

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