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Gluten-Free French Onion Soup For Fall. Hey, Wait a Minute . . .

Or rather, if we had fall in Los Angeles. Which I wish we did, but it’s kind of redonkulous to complain about the weather here seeing as how it’s freaking perfect. But you know what? It’s not perfect when all you want to do is sit in front of a fireplace, look out the window at the leaves changing color, and eat a bowl of French onion soup.  So, see? In this one very specific instance, the weather in LA sucks the big one.

What totally does not suck, is this French onion soup which I whipped up using a gluten-free soup mix because I’m lazy, as well as full-on in the fall spirit. Add some gluten-free bread from this company I’ve been digging, Against the Grain and cover it all up in Gruyère slices like so

My husband, for some totally insane reason, was like, “Go easy on my cheese.” So I just grated a little on his. Guess who had the better bowl of soup? Uh-huh. ME. Guess who is also going to have a heart attack in her 50s?

Regardless, this was a delicious way to pretend it was getting nippy outside and I could not have been happier with my lazy gal’s gluten-free soup. Plus, I got to do that French onion soup thing where you poke holes in your cheese layer and let the steam come up. Fun times. I’m going to eat another block of Gruyère today, just to prove how awesome it is.

Happy Fall, everybody!

3 thoughts on “Gluten-Free French Onion Soup For Fall. Hey, Wait a Minute . . .

  1. I also enjoy eating blocks of cheese and any way to cook faster is good for me. Off to apple pick today, which is one of my favorite fall-y things to do, but this year I’m BYOD, which is bring your own donuts because there’s nothing sadder than having your kid (and husband who is sort of like an extra large kid in these circumstances) stare dolefully at the farm market spread of apple cider donuts and walk away empty handed.

    Enjoy your gorgeous CA weather because in a few short months you’re going to be laughing at us miserable east coasters as we’re freezing our butts off.

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