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‘They Say It’s Your Birthday’ Cupcake Is In Me

In case Facebook forgot to tell you, it’s totally my birthday today. While I closed my eyes, blew out none-of-your-business-how-many candles, of course I wished that someday I could eat gluten again. That, and for world peace. My birthday luck, however, had already been in full swing at this point since the amazing ladies of Whisk Gluten-Free Bakery had dropped off a box of this —

What?!? Just to make it clear:  This is a box of gluten-free cupcakes with amazoids flavors including (but not limited to) peanut butter cup, lemon meringue, triple coconut, and the one pictured above — They Say It’s Your Birthday. If sprinkles can’t make you happy on your birthday, people, I can’t help you.

Here’s the thing(s) about Whisk. 1) Their cupcakes are so delicious you’ll die, and 2) They do not yet have a store front, but they need one, bad. Or rather, I need one, bad. Because mail order is fantastic and all — especially when you don’t have to leave your favorite chair to ask for a cupcake — but so is instant gratification.

So let’s all see what we can do to make this store happen! Personally, I’m going to start sending real estate listings to the two sisters who run this show. I just know they’ll appreciate that. Go ‘Like’ Whisk Gluten-Free Bakery and beg them to open near you. We’ve all got to do our part.

How do you celebrate your gluten-free birthday?

9 thoughts on “‘They Say It’s Your Birthday’ Cupcake Is In Me

  1. I’ve had these cupcakes and they are the best I have ever eaten…..gluten free or not! LA needs this bakery…..the world needs this bakery! Good luck!!

  2. Firstly – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You can be however old or young you want to be – it’s all (well, MOSTLY ‘All’) in your head anyway.

    Secondly – consider Whisk “liked”.

    and Thirdly – TRIPLE COCONUT!!! *dies without eating one*

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