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Here Are Some Awesome Gluten-Free Recipes for YOU

Okay, so what rhymes with triticale?

Hi GIMBers! So I’m turning in my book on Monday, which means I’m a total ball of stress and ridiculousness. It also means instead of cooking and trying to be clever, I’m going to let other rad bloggers fill you in today. Sit back, and enjoy some of the best gluten-free recipes, thoughts, and ranting on the web! And if you get a chance, please send Xanax.


I wanna’ be Beth from Tasty Yummies when I grow up. When you check out her gluten-free pumpkin recipe round-up, you’ll totally see why.

The Gluten Dude answers an email from a freaked out celiac with grace. We’ve all been here, writhing in pain and paranoia, yes?

Two gluten-free bloggers, one amazing sounding recipe. Gluten Free Carla introduces Kathy Smart’s “Mancakes.” Two, please.

Celiac Kiddo just blew my mind with a week’s worth of gluten-free school lunches. I don’t even know what my kids have in their lunch boxes TODAY. Impressive.

Chocolate Ancho Chili Gluten-Free Cupcakes, anyone? Thanks Jessi!

Gluten Free? Gimme Three! schools us on how to let our co-workers know we have celiac. Never have I been so stoked to have a work-from-home job, as my dog totally gets me.

And let’s sign off with an amazing looking cocktail from Angie’s Grapevine. Autumnal buzz, anyone?

3 thoughts on “Here Are Some Awesome Gluten-Free Recipes for YOU

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! I still haven’t wrapped my mind around the fact that I have to make her lunch every day for the next ten years or so. Hopefully she decides to finally like peanut butter and jelly.

    Good luck with the book deadline. Can’t wait for it.

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