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Gluten-Free Umami Burger, For Reallys

So this wonder of the world went into me yesterday. It seems Umami Burger has been listening to the cries of the gluten-free and have now introduced the gluten-free Loco Moco burger at their location in The Grove. I ate that!

I realize I may seem somewhat obsessed with this speciality burger shop, but that’s just because I am. They make some deliciousness up in there, people. Sadly, I’ll still be making the smashed potatoes at home since they’re fried up with other gluten’y things, but dare I say if you’re eating one Loco Moco you really don’t need a side dish. Here’s how it breaks down.

That’s a delicious burger inside two crispy rice cakes (delicious, btw), covered in a chicken demi-glace, with a fried egg on top. Jeez, that was one super amazing plate of yum. I mean, really.

This is where I state the obvious:  Not all gluten-free food is good for you. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably realized that already, but still it’s worth a mention if you’re looking to lose that last 10 lbs by going gluten-free.  Eating the Loco Moco will not help you in that venture. It will, however, make you feel much joy for being able to eat at Umami Burger again without going home and pooping in your pants.

Needless to say, I’m starting a detox cleanse today.

12 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Umami Burger, For Reallys

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    After reading this- we went specifically to have this burger. After the server told us all about it, we order it, they’re “out.” Then, he said they can accommodate any other burger to be gluten free. Sooo- we order other burgers in a lettuce wrap without the glutenous items..

    They came out wrong- everything had gluten on it.

    I do not trust this kitchen at all.

    • Ugh! I’m so sorry Lindsay. All of the regular Umami burgers have gluten. This is the only one that’s gluten-free. So yeah, they really can’t make the other burgers gluten-free. I’m sorry your server was either misinformed or just not interested in making sure your food was safe.


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