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Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Fritzi Dog at The Original Farmer’s Market

I can’t even look at this picture without then having to fight the incredible urge to get into my car and drive my tater tot loving ass right on down to Fritzi Dog at The Farmer’s Market. Then I would go next door to The Grove and buy some new fat pants. Because that’s some bacon lardons on that all-beef, vegetarian fed, antibiotic-free, prime cut, Deli dog, people! Oh, and the bun? It’s gluten-free.

I am one lucky lady in that my good friend is one of the owners of this brand new hot dog stand alongside über chef, Neal Fraser. While I don’t know if my gluten-free puppy dog eyes played any part in the decision to keep the rice bran oil all nice and clean to cook up tater tots and fries, I have to think that my whining helped usher in the gluten-free bun. Thank you, Fritzi Dog. I can now get my gluten-free eat on in a patriotic way, where the “special gluten-free knife” and designated paper keeps the poison away from my innards. God bless America!

I’ve actually eaten at Fritzi twice in the last week and am headed back there tomorrow night. I know. I have a problem. But did you see those chili cheese tater tots?  Also up for grabs? Tots with Buffalo sauce and crumbled blue cheese. I mean, really.

If you happen to be someone who can chow down on the gluten, get a load of this bird dog (turkey and duck — seriously!) with the pretzel bun.

Yep, it’s magical. And unless you can’t help yourself and need to lick the brioche or the pretzel bun, you gluten-free types can go crazy at Fritzi Dog without fear. WIN. I just totally blew your mind, yes?

16 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Fritzi Dog at The Original Farmer’s Market

      • Somewhat bad news – I know it’s a friend’s place, but this shit is important.

        The girl told me everything BUT the chili was safe, and I proceeded to get the all-american dog (all beef was out-of-stock) with toppings of her choosing that she said WERE safe (because she disagreed about the weird-o dog I was crafting and I was asking a lot of safe topping related questions). I got through the meal and yummed a lot, but the sharp, sudden roller-coaster drop hit my head as I was walking towards World Market, and I was barely able to crawl back over Laurel Canyon in time to sleep that 12 hour deep, deep, glutened rocks-in-the-gut sleep.

        With just an uncomfortable, sweaty sleep hit, I’d guess it was the toppings and not bun related. But the server said she was knowledgable, gluten-free herself (though by choice – grrrl, if it doesn’t make you vomit, you don’t actually know if you’re eating gluten or not) and I have no choice but to trust these establishments on topics like smart hipster staff and safe toppings (and what is up with the chili? You ate it!!!)

        This was right before Christmas and Fritzi Dog was unfortunately part of a hit parade that kept me out of pocket from late November till the first week of January.

  1. Oh my god, Hayley! I’ll totally send this to her. Really, nothing should have been effing you up unless you ate a bun. Something not safe clearly happened. I’m going to get to the bottom of this!!

    Yes, I’ve had the chili multiple times. And never had any issues. I’m soooooo sorry you got bombed.

  2. These dogs look so amazing! Please let us know what the GF status is! Traveling through in February, and would love to partake of their messy goodness, but don’t want to risk our vacation (from Idaho) if the dogs are not safe. Love your blog by the way!

    • Hi GFJen (and hayley). So listen, I spoke with the owner and she can’t pinpoint what might have happened to Hayley on that day. I know when I’ve gone I’ve always been safe. They even use rice oil in their fryers. I always remind them that I have celiac, and can’t have gluten. I know the protocol is to use dedicated knives on the buns, and to prepare it in a separate location, so everything should be totally safe. Accidents do happen, and I’m guessing that’s what happened to poor Hayley! I’m so sorry!!!

      But every experience I’ve had there has been great, and totally safe. Just remind people, and hopefully the right person will take special care with your order.

      • I went back, because I was born in the year of the dog am incredibly trusting … and lazy, so I either have to get sick a few times or come face-to-face with hospitalization to ‘X’ out something I want so badly to work.

        And I was fine. So hotdogs! Yay!

        I have a theory about my own Celiac that might be true for others. My body is now a gluten jug with a red-line mid-way up. Each accidental glutening pours a little liquid into the jug. A splash here for cross-contamination, a splash there for french-fries in onion-ring oil, a prolonged pour for a mouthful of cookie – as long as the liquid stays under the line, I’ll recover in a few hours with minimal damage. If we pass the line – VOMIT TOWN.

        I think the frist trip was just the splash that brought it to the edge of the line. Even if I got a splash the other day, the jug was empty, so it didn’t effect me.

        But one thing I want for all restaurants that both cater to food allergies and employ people who just escaped puberty and seem perpetually hung over – hold those teenagers down and make them repeat the allergy information out loud until you know for sure they can pull it off with a headache in direct sunlight. This is not directly about Fritzi’s (she was sober, in her 20s, and meant well … the chili thing, man, if I can eat it I WANT it!) but every recent dining out gluten attack I’ve suffered recently involved someone still wearing braces with dubious company allergy knowledge.

        What I’m really saying is I’m suddenly old and afraid of youths. YOUTHS! *shakes fist*

  3. Hayley, you’d better go get those kids out of your front yard.

    But yeah, I actually have a similar’ish situation with gluten. If I’ve been gluten’d, I can’t eat anything outside of my house for weeks. Unless it’s 100% safe, no chance of cross-contamination, anything. But if I get a bit of cross-contamination and I’ve been fine for a long time, either nothing happens or I get a tiny bit sick and it’s over. It’s like your defenses are down — literally — and every attack hits a little bit harder.

    I’m glad you went back, because I also just checked in with them as they are doing corn dogs now and I was like, “OHMYGOD Can I not eat tater tots now????” And she calmly told me they use a designated fryer. So I’m still stoked about this whole Fritzi.

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