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Gluten-Free Christmas Treats Don’t Get Any Easier Than This

gluten-free christmas dessertsTada! It’s a Christmas miracle. I just got these mini gluten-free treats on the table in 7 minutes, and 2 of those minutes were sent searching for the gluten-free peppermints that were hiding on the top shelf in my pantry. By the way, aren’t all peppermints gluten-free? This is an assumption I made, then someone was all, “You can’t eat peppermints!” So I went home to confirm that mine were, in fact, free of the g word. Who is out there putting gluten in peppermints? That is bullshit.

So I got these dark chocolate brownie bites from Udi’s when I was celebrating the holiday and learning how to use knives properly. But I’ve also seen them all over Whole Foods, so you should pick up a package for any holiday emergencies. Or life emergencies. Or any non-emergency situation you may find yourself in that still requires gluten-free brownies. Naturally, I have a whipped cream in a can on hand as well (also gluten-free). This is a given.

Combine those three elements and bam, you’ve got a peppermint brownie to serve your hungry guests, and/or that empty hole in your heart. The bonus part of this exercise is you get to put peppermints in a plastic bag and whack the holy hell out of them to make these peppermint crumbs. Isn’t your holiday getting better by the gluten-free second?

Only, one very important note. While we didn’t eat every single brownie up right away (there was one sad brownie left) if you let these sit around at room temperature, that whipped cream from a can will wilt. Solution? Add more!!!

Here’s all you have to do to make this happen.

Gluten-Free Peppermint Brownies

5 Udi’s Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites
5 peppermints, crushed
Whipped cream

1. Place whipped cream and peppermints on brownies. YOU ARE DONE.

Makes: 5 brownies

7 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Christmas Treats Don’t Get Any Easier Than This

  1. Hello! For the first time since going GF, I am faced with making desserts for the holidays. (I didn’t make desserts for Thanksgiving. Someone else did, I ate my K-Toos GF Oreo type cookies and smiled.) However, now my dear family is asking about some of the desserts I usually make at the holidays, and well… I’m stumped. Is “Cool Whip” and Cream Cheese GF? Puddings, Jellos? Is there a reliable site to go to where I can find a listing of products?

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