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Gluten-Free P.F. Chang’s Just in Time for Christmas

gluten-free p.f. chang'sSo I had an eventful Tuesday, did you? After wrapping a super duper fun video segment on GFree and Happy wherein we discuss the incredibleness of gluten-free appetizers and booze, I woke up ready to get all holiday spirited. And then. And then.

The thing is we’re all on edge. Having an email, followed by a phone call, that your children’s school is closed because a bomb threat was phoned in is not the best way to get festive. It’s more of a “If I home school my kids and give up any professional goals, can I protect my kids?” kind of mode. With that mindset, I knew the only way to salvage the day was to take my 3- and 6-year-old to the mall. The holiday spirit practically smacked me in the ass. Look at this amazingness –

gluten-free p.f.Chang'sYep. Fake snow in the middle of a Beverly Hills mall. RAD. I mean, possibly toxic, but still RAD.

After all that reveling, the kids and I were hungry so we headed to P.F. Chang’s, where gluten-free dreams come true.

I’ve never been to a P.F. Chang’s before, in spite of hearing about their extensive gluten-free menu, care with your gluten-free dishes, and an insane desire for Chinese food that is not made in my own kitchen. It’s definitely the New York snob in me that made me stay away from chain Chinese food, but I don’t exactly have a choice now. Which means, I shoved my face right into this delicious gluten-free beef a la sichuan. A la –

gluten free p.f. chang'sNot a single grain of gluten-free fried rice was left on that plate after I finished. I. Have. Missed. Chinese. Food. The lunch special also came with egg drop soup, and this black tea gimlet.

gluten-free chinese foodI mean, I was in a mall in Beverly Hills a week before Christmas with my small children due to a bomb threat in their school. I can’t really think of any other time a drink is more warranted. It was nice. And gluten-free.

So all of  you lovely people who are heading out for Chinese on Christmas day, and happen to be gluten-free — you could do worse than P.F. Chang’s. Far, far, worse. Like getting gluten’d worse. Just skip the the fortune cookie, and give it to your gluten-loving kid. Like so.

gluten-free chinese food

6 thoughts on “Gluten-Free P.F. Chang’s Just in Time for Christmas

  1. I love PF Chang’s. We can’t go without getting the lettuce wrap apps (one of the few places with a good GF appetizer that my wife can stand) . . . and of course a chocolate dome for dessert.

    My daughter (also afflicted with the celiac; probably my fault) started a thing where we try to extract the fortune from those deadly cookies without opening the bag, ’cause, yaknow, they’re deadly. Yeah, we’re dorks. I have pictures on the FB to prove it.

  2. I’m getting those lettuce wraps next time. Damn, TWO endorsements!

    And, interesting game you’ve got going there Joel. I’m thinking I might try something similar with licking the glaze of a Krispy Kreme. Bad idea?

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