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My Fantasy Gluten-Free Christmas Menu

How WE do Christmas

How WE do Christmas

Merry Almost Christmas, everybody! Are you all stocked up and ready to cook and/or armed with takeout menus? Me? Well, I’m getting excited about making entirely too much food and hoping it all goes well since I’ll probably start drinking about an hour before the guests arrive to combat that anxiety I have when serving up gluten-free food to people who can totally eat gluten. So let’s roll the dice and see how it goes, shall we?

Instead of sticking with family tradition, I’ve been stalking some recipes that I’d like to try. More like, 50–100 recipes, because I’m a dreamer. Hence, the reason this is a gluten-free fantasy menu:  I have no idea what I’m making yet for Christmas dinner. I do know what I’d like to make, so let’s see what my guests may or may not enjoy on December 25.

Amazing Apps:

Gluten-Free Toasted Pistachio-Cheese Arancini Balls

‘Cuz I know they are good, and how to make ’em.

Pumpkin Hummus with GF Bagel Chips


A variety of cheeses and crackers

This should be simple, but I’m having an internal debate. I’m the ONLY person at this dinner who is actually gluten-free. While I can’t have people dipping gluten-filled bagel chips into the hummus willy-nilly, why not put out normal crackers for everyone else to enjoy with a slice of cheese? It feels so wrong, but honestly, do I want friends coming over to my house and smuggling gluten in their purses? Let me know what you think I should do on this one in comments, please. And thank you.


Champagne Punch

While this requires a punch bowl, I’m shopping this weekend and I will know if I find the perfect punch bowl it will be my destiny to serve champagne punch.


Gluten-Free Panzanella Salad

With a delicious thick baguette from my fave g-free bakery, I do believe this could rock.

Roasted Vegetable Salad

This is a delicious salad my husband always gets at Tender Greens. It seems an easy way to go with lovely roasted winter vegetables, on a nice bed of butter lettuce and a pomegranate vinaigrette, yes?


I have no idea. Send me your suggestions.

Main Courses:

Gluten-Free Honey Glazed Ham

Okay, I do know one thing I’m making for sure, and that is ham. Because ham is delicious and the one I made last year knocked my Christmas socks off. So there’s one. Of course, I’ve misplaced my recipe from last year so I’ll be winging it in 2012.

Braised Chile-Spiced Short Ribs with Black Beans

I’ve been thinking about those ribs for MONTHS. It’s on.


Christmas Cupcakes for the shorties

Because kids love cupcakes, that’s a fact.

Coffee Ice Cream with Wet Walnut Sauce

I’m sorry, no one can talk me out of trying my hand at wet walnut sauce. No one.

Lemon Bars 

This is a maybe. But doesn’t everyone love lemon bars? Martha certainly thinks so.

All right people, here it is, minus side dishes. Whaddya’ think? Any side winners? Should I buy crackers for the norms? What’s your fantasy GF Christmas dish?

Happy freaking holidays! I love you guys!

8 thoughts on “My Fantasy Gluten-Free Christmas Menu

  1. You know – my friends have been really supportive of the need to go GF. We’ve all dealt with my husband not being able to have mushrooms, another one not eating red meat, another not eating fruit…. that working around gluten (and dairy and soy in my case) are becoming second nature. I think my friends actually ENJOY trying the gluten-free crackers, etc. One friend has taken it upon herself to take out cookbooks from the library on gluten-free cooking!

  2. Just hosted a fairly sizable x-mas party last night, completely gluten free. It’s not like anyone gave it a second thought.. You don’t think about it if you aren’t told. People took leftovers home, so I’m thinking they liked it.

    No gluten comes through the doors in our house as a mere crumb can take me out. I admit it I take a bit of pleasure from being able to end the night with saying “everything you ate was gluten free”. Perhaps to wipe away joe blog’s presumptions about cardboard bread and lumpy gravy, and to see the look on their faces when that lightbulb comes on.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m usually met with dropping jaws and popping eyes, followed by a “omg poor you” when I tell someone I’m coeliac. Having them over for a brilliant meal is my payback.

    Best of luck with x-mas cooking 🙂

  3. I say GF crackers all the way. As long as you don’t mind shelling out for them (you know, because some are like six bucks for a couple ounces) this way you can enjoy everything with everyone.

    Hope you get your punch bowl and your wet walnuts (a personal fave).

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Seve g-f crackers – make it all g-f! My friends actually love g-f crackers – if I mix ‘normal’ with g-f there’s always normal crackers left but no g-fs left behind!

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