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Gluten-Free Burbank: Bea Bea’s

gluten-free wafflesDo you know what’s totally weird about LA? No, not the whole boobs thing, but the fact that you can find a gem of a restaurant tucked away in a strip mall. As someone who is easily swayed by flashing lights and a hip facade, I oftentimes keep on driving past “the best Cuban, I swear,” and right into the middle of Hollywood where I get gluten’d.

Over the winter break, my husband installed one of my new favorite apps, Lunchbox, on all of our devices. So instead of heading to the flashiest place on the block for a nice brunch, we popped that open and started staring at all the lovely food porn at Bea Bea’s in Burbank — a tiny joint on the same strip as Jenny Craig. Having inappropriate fantasies about huevos rancheros, I jumped in the car and drove straight to Burbank. Then I turned around and went back home to pick up my family who were pissed that I’d raced out the door without them.

Regardless, we all had a lovely brunch, the gluten-free madness was simply a bonus

Yes, that Belgian waffle you see is totally gluten-free. I could have spiced it up a bit with chocolate chips, or bananas and craziness, but I decided to go pure. It looked and tasted so good I asked the waitress if it was really gluten-free, and she filled me in that Bea Bea’s is so serious about its gluten-freeness, that the waffle iron for the norms has four rows across and down, the gluten-free only three. So they never share an iron. RAD.

Since we had to go back again, I did enjoy the crap out of those huevos rancheros, and next time I plan on getting the gluten-free Super Pumpkin Pancakes. My husband enjoyed this yummy veggie scramble with hash browns (didn’t ask if they were gluten-free since I was totally busy stuffing my face with waffle) –

gluten-free burbankAnd my daughter had the Little Sunshine –

gluten-free los angelesThat pancake can also be made gluten-free if you like. Also? Gluten-free buns for their burgers at dinner.


Have you ever had a super find like this? How happy did it make it you on a scale of “That’s nice,” to “OHMYGODLETMEATIT!”?

6 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Burbank: Bea Bea’s

  1. This place is great, try the apple almond pancakes!!! Wish they would open another one of these why is it so hard to find good gluten free in LA?!!!

    • Welcome, Melanie! I know. It’s true California has got this gluten-free thing figured out. Not that I still don’t get gluten’d. Also Austin, Texas, Seattle, Portland, have got it going on. It will spread to you, like a disease. (I mean that in a good way.)

  2. Ok what is up with all my partial comments?! Sorry multitasking doesn’t agree with me. Anyway as I was trying to say, LA seems to have more GF options than NYC, or at least Brooklyn. There are no GF churros (sigh) or waffles around here. Don’t get me wrong though, I am very glad for you! My kid doesn’t know what a churro is yet thankfully. We may have to hijack that truck when she does.

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