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A Gluten-Free Food Truck TOTALLY HAPPENED

gluten-free food truckWhen life is getting you down, people, here’s a fantastic example of “it gets better.” You see, last Friday night I got gluten’d while dining out. I was not a happy lady, and the next day I had promised my daughter we were going to do something awesome, just the two of us. Even after my nap I was all, “Sweetheart, you know how mommy has this gluten thing?” But her big ol’ sad eyes made me get my shit together and take that kid ice skating. Sigh.

A funny thing happened on the way to the skating rink. This skating rink –

gluten-free food truckI stumbled upon that beautiful SweetWheels food truck and almost Roker’d my pants. In case you can’t read the up close it says, “Gluten-Free Churros.” Yes it does. After my little lady and I took a skate around the rink, we stopped by again and the truck was totally open! Here’s what a gluten-free churro looks like.

gluten-free churroSure, it’s a little racy if you can’t identify it right away, but man, it was light and airy unlike any gluten-free treat I’ve ever had. EVER. I loved it so much. That’s caramel sauce hiding underneath, people. Even if the lady yakking it up in front of me was all, “But are you sure it’s safe to eat here?” Listen, I know if it’s not all gluten-free you’re risking some normal flour getting up in your business, but if you had eaten a bite of this churro, or this gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookie

gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookieYou would believe.

I also enjoyed talking with the lovely ladies who run that truck, and the chef is NOT EVEN GLUTEN-FREE, you guys. She is just providing amazing gluten-free treats out of the goodness of her heart. Churros. Gluten-free churros. Damn.

15 thoughts on “A Gluten-Free Food Truck TOTALLY HAPPENED

  1. Where is this? WANT. I’ve never seen a GF food truck. I’ve been gf for two+ years now…diagnosed at 50…and I miss so many of my foods. Totally get the “is it safe” question…I got seriously glutened while traveling. Really messed up our vacation.

  2. Just found your blog, title is simply awesome!
    I am green with envy that you had GF churros, I had GF creamy tomato soup for lunch and I almost cried. It’s the little things haha

  3. I just discovered your blog tonight, and I’m loving it. I love how excited you get when you discover things you can actually eat, because I’m the same way. I died and went to heaven when I saw all that Whole Foods had to offer. The food truck is amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing more and more things I can actually enjoy, and making gluten my bitch as well. Keep it up!! 🙂

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