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Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Oreo Cupcakes

gluten-free oreo cupcakeThis is what happens when you see something on Pinterst you want right now, and then try to create it with gluten-free baking supplies already in your cupboard. Really, I should stay from Pinterest. Still, I thought these would make great Valentine’s treats for the kids and when they learned there were Oreos inside a cupcake and peanut butter, well, they weren’t very concerned with how pretty they were, or were not. Also, there wasn’t exactly a recipe on this pin, so I harkened back to my most favorite peanut butter buckeyes, and instead of just using peanut butter slathered on the gluten-free Oreos (Or K-Toos, as they are actually called), I did a mix with butter, sugars, and vanilla. YUM. Check it. gluten-free oreo peanut butter cupcakeHere’s the other thing that is highly suspicious in this pin, these Oreos are stacked two per brownie cake. My gluten-free versions are even smaller than the regular Oreos, but I had a feeling when I stacked them inside my cupcake pan that one would be way better than two. I was totally right about that. Check this. gluten-free cupcakesWatch out for that Franken-cupcake, people. That is not cute. Now sure I used cupcake batter instead of brownie mix, and sure I might have poured too much in fear of it not covering my faux-reo, and sure I’m not the world’s most craftiest gal. Still. That cupcake looks like a crazy boob!!!!

And this is why I am convinced Pinterest is a lie! A great big, huge, adorable, delicious lie. Still, you can try this with a gluten-free brownie mix, my peanut butter mixture, and faux-Oreos. Do let me know if yours turn out better than mine.

7 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Oreo Cupcakes

    • There’s no recipe, Renee. You see where I say it’s gluten-free cake mix (or brownie, like the original), I link to my peanut butter mixture, and you buy the gluten-free Oreos. You would just follow the directions on your cake or brownie box and pour it over the Oreos.

  1. I did the same thing with Pamela’s GF Brownie mix, which is way thick and I kinds molded it around the cookies. It worked like a dream, and they were pretty. I did the double-stack for the first pan, but that was too much cookie, so I removed the tops of the cookies (only bottoms and cream filling were used) and put peanut butter in between them. bakes at 350 for 20 min. worked like a dream. Cupcake lines were crucial, though…

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