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Gluten-Free Burbank: Story Tavern

gluten-free burbankHappy President’s Day, Americans! As a nod to our presidents of the past, of which almost 100% of them have roots in the UK, I thought an Irish Pub visit was in order. Okay, I just went there without stopping to consider any president — past or future — because this particular Irish’ish joint has a very special secret. That’s right, a gluten-free secret.

Story Tavern is owned by a family with a celiac. Huzzah! I mean, not for her, because having celiac is pretty awful. But huzzah for those of us who want to hunker down with a plate of corned beef without fear of gluten’ing. I sat down with Diane (the resident celiac) and her parents who co-own Story Tavern, and we had a big talk about what people get and what people do not get about gluten-free dining. Having this conversation right before I dove into this –

gluten-free Burbankwas quite comforting.

Diane makes sure everything on the menu that can be made gluten-free, is done so in the safest manner. Answering my question of what do normal restaurants do with all that leftover gluten-free bread, Diane said the solution is to protein wrap sandwiches. While I do get stoked about a gluten-free bun, if I have the feeling that I’m the only person who has ordered one all month, I get suddenly unexcited about that stale gf bun. Which is way worse than just a stale regular bun, amiright?

Having been diagnosed at age 10, Diane had actually never had a normal beer. Which may seem weird for a tavern owner, but since she has a fondess for cider–which most likely got her through college–the menu is extensive. Both cider and wine are on tap, which is not something you’ll find everywhere around town. There is also an impressive beer menu if you travel with normals, which Diane’s brother curated. After all, the family that drinks together . . . Yes, clearly this is a family affair. It just happens to be a family that knows a ton about gluten. Which is good for us. No, great for us.

The other fun fact about Story Tavern is that it’s walls are covered in historical photos from the area. The Burbank Historical Society has artifacts and photos on loan and you can see originals of everyone in action from Walt Disney to Amelia Earhart. So you’re learning as you booze it up. Even this guy had an amazing time (and an amazing plate of quesadillas).

gluten-free diningSo check it out, gluten-frees. It’s all about you and your weird eating habits. Oh, and coming soon: Gluten-free tater tots.  I’ll race you to the tavern.

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