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Gluten-Free SXSW: BBQ, Queso & Cupcakes

gluten-free quesoHells yes, you can get your gluten-free on at SXSW this year. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Austin is kinda’ the gluten-free capitol of the world . And even though I forgot my go-bag, and wound up in dire need of some gluten-free sustenance, when I did happen to sit down at a restaurant, I was able to be fed safely and amazingly. I even got a gluten-free Slurpee

gluten-free slurpeeCreepy, right?

Some of the restaurants you can hit while you’re in town I’ve talked about before (like Maudie’s, where the above bean dip/queso combo hails from), and Frank (full disclosure, my brother is one of that fine establishment’s owners), where you get this –

gluten-free waffle friesAmong other things, including your gluten-free brewskies. They offer Green’s and Estrella Damm Daura alongside your gluten-free waffle fries or frito pie or gluten-free bun for your artisanal dog. You know who else serves a huge selection of gluten-free beer?

Wild Wood Bake House & Cafe knows how to party as they offer more gluten-free beers than I’ve ever seen in one place, and an incredible amount of gluten-free baked goods including (but not limited to) muffins, breads, Ding Dongs, and this freaking delicious pumpkin cheesecake muffin –

gluten-free cupcakeSO GOOD. Wild Wood appeared to be preparing a lovely decorated cake in honor of SXSW while I was there as well. The whole place is gluten-free, and amazing. So pull up a chair and chow down, gluten-free’ers.

Right down the street from Wild Wood was one of my old favorites, Ruby’s BBQ. While I used to stop in for BBQ beef tacos when I was a UT student, I had a feeling those tacos were the soft, flour-y variety, and I was right. However, the dude behind the counter pulled out a gluten-free menu, which had the added advantage of warning you away from foods filled with gluten. Ruby’s. You surprise and delight. Here’s my no-fuss plate o’ bbq.

gluten-free bbqAnother place I was surprised about was the Austin Land & Cattle Company. Your white tablecloth joints can be hit or miss with the willingness to accommodate a speical needs diner, but the waiter was knowledgable, friendly, and not too bad to look at. Of course the lighting was quite flattering, hence my very dark photo of my gluten-free filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes, carrots, and spinach.

austin land cattleThere was also a creme brulee covered in berries for dessert, that was even harder to see in my picture, which is why I’m not showing it here. And not at all because I ate it all before remembering to take a photo.

I know it’s sad you can’t indulge in breakfast tacos while you’re enjoying Austin, but remember-you can always make those when you get back home.

Where’s your favorite gluten-free dining spot in Austin? Fill me in!

12 thoughts on “Gluten-Free SXSW: BBQ, Queso & Cupcakes

  1. How am I not subscribed to this blog yet?! Love Maudies and they’re extra careful and knowledgeable about cross contamination. Other fav’s for fast GF food include Hat Creek Burger Co, Tacodeli (the whole menu is GF if you order corn tortillas), and Obvi Wild Wood Bakehouse which is 100% GF. I Just wrote a post about gluten free Austin on my blog with up to date info and even a map of restaurant locations so they’re easy for visitors to find. Hope it’s useful for some folks! http://nerdyliving.com/5-gluten-free-restaurants-in-austin/

  2. Taco deli has gluten free breakfast tacos. Granted, corn tortillas are not quite as good as flour, but they are still good!

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