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Gluten-Free Disneyland is Challenging, Still Magical

gluten-free disneyland

Why yes these ARE gluten-free Mickey waffles

Okay, so no one goes to Disneyland for the food. Well, unless you’re able to eat gluten and then you line up for churros and shove them in your churro hole. For those of us who can’t eat gluten Disneyland may be a friendly place, but you still need to be prepared, because shit can get real.

Here’s the thing. When you take two kids to Disneyland it’s all about them. Even if you’re on the hunt for gluten-free goods you’ve got to take a detour to Tomorrowland, slide on through to Fantasyland, race through Frontierland, and stop in Critter Country before they melt down across the way at California Adventure after waiting in line for TWO FREAKING HOURS to take a ride at Radiator Springs. Two hours you guys. Or two hours and an extra 15-20 which we’re pretending didn’t happen because there’s no excuse for that kind of waiting, even if your son has been talking about Cars Land for over a year and all he wanted for his birthday was to go to mother scratchin’ Cars Land, and he happened to be puking his brains out on his birthday so his birthday party was delayed one week. Have you ever been in a line for ANYTHING for two-and-a-half hours? I didn’t think so. Because you’re smarter than we are.

After all of that, mama is hungry and Flo’s is only serving breakfast. And while this gluten-free breakfast may look appetizing-

gluten-free DisneylandDudes, it’s not. It tasted just like that Air Canada gluten-free breakfast I had, yet I was still at California Adventure instead of on my way to Paris.

So I was starving, and freaking out about gluten while my kids were all, “Where’s Goofy???!!!!” and “Mama, why are you crying?”

Still, there are options. Lots of options, because anytime you sidle up to an eatery and declare your gluten-freeness, a chef comes out to make sure you are taken care of in a safe way. Which is great. Because if you have just a little bit of patience, and aren’t in a super duper rush, every Disneyland restaurant and hotel has gluten-free options.

This especially comes in handy when everyone else was able to at Redd Rocket’s Pizza Port but no, you waited until you got back to the hotel room because yes, they have gluten-free pizza but it will take a while, and the rest of your family is about to melt down and MUST EAT NOW AND THEN PASS OUT. So at least when we went to crash, I could still order this from room service-

gluten-free DisneylandNote the cute ‘allergy’ stick in my gluten-free pizza?

Or this –

gluten-free DisneylandThat’s a gluten-free bun, and specially prepared gluten-free french fries in a designated fryer at the Paradise Pier Hotel. I swear I didn’t eat both these entrees at once. But I wanted to after subsisting on popcorn, cotton candy, Cheetos and frozen lemonade between ride hopping. Which is why I should have been carrying muffins in my purse. You should too! And then Disneyland will truly be the happiest place on earth. Muffins. Mmmmmmmmfff.

6 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Disneyland is Challenging, Still Magical

  1. it is so good to know this ! i wouldn’t have guessed disney land would be such a good place for a celiac. i’m still in the i’m a bit afraid to trust restaurant gf food phase but i love that you go out as much as you do and report back on it ! it makes me think i should be more adventurous !

    the waiting in line thing….i’m from northeast OH (feel bad for us it snowed 4 f ing inches on monday) and we have big amusement parks here like Cedar Point. You will regularly wait hours for rides there even during the week days in the summer. its ridiculous if you ask me. i swear i’ve been there before for like 10 hrs and only rode like 8 rides. smaller roller coasters don’t have as much of a wait but the top ~10 prob have at least an hour and the top 3 more like 2+. they have signs in the lines that say “only a one hour wait from here”. seriously ? so apparently i’m stupid to cuz i have waited that long for a ride !

  2. Uhhhh so I waited over 3 hours for the new Superman roller coaster when it opened at Six Flags 😀 I was much younger then and it was no big deal. Today? Not gonna happen LOL
    And its so good to know Disney is relatively GF friendly, woo hoo!

  3. Hey there!!!
    Definitely I would recommend going to Disney on their Meal Plan. My roommate and I went and both of us are Gluten Intolerant (she also has a strange allergy to cilantro). The bonus of the meal plan is that they MUST provide you with Gluten Free options, in fact will go out of your way to make them GF.
    The only places to be truly wary about are the restaurants in Epcot because they’re not governed by Disney. We got into a problem and both ended up with bad symptoms of gluten poison from Tokyo Sushi in the Japan Pavillion

  4. I had gluten free, dairy free shrimp scampi specially prepared to order by the chef at the DCA trattoria just yesterday, and it was yummy! The first thing I do is go to Town Hall and ask for a celiac dining list. We go every couple of months, and I always feel safe eating there. And I’m pretty sure Pizza Port has a gluten free crust. Also, the Storyteller Cafe, Carnation Cafe, and I think the Plaza Inn all have gluten free pancakes and waffles. Just not the cute Mickey ones.

  5. And I just noticed that those Mickey waffles are, in fact, gluten free! Last time I had breakfast there, the dedicated waffle iron wasn’t a Mickey. One step closer to feeling like a “normal” person, which makes me happy!

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